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Why Use Window Blinds for Bay Windows?

There is something beautiful and charming about bay windows in a home. These windows at a really unique touch and to any household however they can be quite difficult to style and decorate unless you have experience with dealing with these types of Windows.

They have a really difficult shape to work with so most of the time customize window treatments are required.

Window Blinds and Bay Windows

The most common shapes of bay windows of the polygonal as well as square shape. Regardless of which type of window you have, there tons of different choices when it comes to window coverings (see more at

If you happen to have full-size bay windows, think about incorporating drapes into your design. The full-sized windows that reach to the floor work best with this style of window treatment. The drapes can really create a classic look to any home, and the best part is that they can be fully drawn to the side, letting plenty of sunlight into your home.

Bay WindowsIf you have smaller bay windows, then it is best you look at incorporating mini blinds instead. You will need to probably have these blinds custom made. These are definitely the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort in cleaning.

The mini blinds require minimal maintenance and look good for ages. Not only that, they are very cheap compared to other styles of window treatments.

Tabbed curtains are another thing you can look at. These are generally a little bit more costly and require you to manually draw the curtains open or close, but they do look very stylish.

These curtains also allow you to play around with the many varieties and styles of curtain rods, which themselves can really make a huge difference in your decor.

Tabbed curtains also work well to block out strong sunlight during the summer seasons, provided they are made of heavy fabric.

Most people really enjoy going shopping for window treatments in coming up with their own designs and styles to speak out about their personalities. But if you’re not creatively inclined, you might want to hire professional decorator to help you choose the style of window treatments for your bay windows.

It might cost you a little bit more for professional advice, but the final results will be a professional look that you wouldn’t be able to achieve unless you have had tons of expertise¬† – get advice from doubleglazingpriceguide