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7 Reasons Why Wooden Front Doors Are A Classy Choice For Any House

front doorsThere are many aspects of your family home that you can change to immediately and dramatically improve the style and look. Introducing a wooden front door is undoubtedly one of them and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

With the vast nationwide advertising campaigns executed by the major plastic windows and doors suppliers, it’s all too easy and comfortable to go the plastic route solely because there’s so much information freely available all around (view source). Before you go and take the plunge, take a look below and examine the advantages and disadvantages for your house.

Below are my seven reasons why in my opinion wooden front doors look excellent in any house:

  1. They look as good in a period style house as in a contemporary home. No matter which the style, it doesn’t matter whether you have plastic or wooden windows – wooden front doors add a bit of class to any building.
  2. The beauty of timber being used as a material is that it can be stained or painted to compliment the design of your house.
  3. From the inside of your house, a stained timber front door can be every bit as effective with stained, varnished or painted internal woodwork such as skirting boards, architraves and staircase spindles.
  4. These doors ooze class owing to many factors, none more so than the utter weight and solid construction of them.
  5. The other really impressive reason that these doors are so effective is the fact that it’s very easy to adapt the look of them to meet current trends. For example, blue is currently an extremely popular colour and it’s only a matter of repainting to have a front door that is extremely fashionable.
  6. Timber as a material can last the rest of your life if correctly maintained. It’s surely worth allocating some time every summer to re-varnish or repaint. This will not only protect the timber from rain but also from acute heat.
  7. A glazed wooden front door looks infinitely better than a glazed UPVC plastic version. With the varied styles of glass this can be the icing on the cake when it comes to their visual appeal.

So there you have it. 7 great reasons why wooden front doors should be given careful consideration when you are thinking about updating or renovating your house. Make sure you have a good look around the various professional suppliers in the market. Visit their websites, look at some examples and read some testimonials. If all is well, request a quotation from

Good luck.