Wednesday Words borrowed from Katie Piper

Last Saturday morning I had the privilege of listening to Katie Piper tell her story about her inspirational recovery from her rape and acid attack.

I was so captivated by what she had to say that I took very few notes.  I did however purchase her book "Things Ger Better".

One of the slides she put up during her presentation said (sorry I am paraphrasing as I didn't write it down!) the following:

"Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future and you only have today"

The husband and I keep worrying about what is going to happen to us, with our situation that we can and do, lose sight of today.  Of concentrating on doing what we can now, on having fun as a family.

Another thing slide she showed was:

"You are creating your life right now.  Make it OUTSTANDING!"

It isn't always easy being positive in what feels like pretty dire circumstances but it certainly makes a huge difference.

One final thing that came up in her book which gave me hope.  She says that whilst your actions may be part of the problem (and in our case they are a part of it, I am honest about that!) she reminds us that they can be a part of the solution too.

On that note, I am linking up to Emma's Wednesday Words.

Wednesday Words

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Words borrowed from Katie Piper

  1. We've both been inspired by Katie Piper for Wednesday Words! I have put the ' You are creating your life right now - make it outstanding!' on my blog. Such a wonderful positive woman she was a highlight of britmums for me xx
    Emily Tealady recently posted..Wednesday WordsMy Profile

  2. I found Katie's talk hugely inspiring too. I've been trying every day to be more positive and making a conscious effort to smile and be happy and its amazing the amount of positivity you get in return. Its really made me think about more my attitude and moods make others respond to me.

    Great post.
    Jayne recently posted..Should Ian Brady be Allowed to Die?My Profile


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