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I have always been a rather introvert person.

I am the person that tends to need people to approach me before I speak to them. That sits on the sidelines. That will be on the fringes of an event unless I am with someone I know. I have been to a few blogging events and spied a number of people I wanted to speak to in person but I have always waited to be approached.

As part of the Britmums Book Club, I was sent a copy of "Quiet" by Susan Cain. The by-line of this book is "The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" so I am rather looking forward to reading it.

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For now, I have read a little bit of it and there is a quote included at the front which resonates with me.

"A species in which everyone was General Patton would not succeed, any more than would a race in which everyone was Vincent van Gough. I prefer to think that the planet needs athletes, philosophers, sex symbols, painters, scientists; it needs the warm-hearted, the hard-hearted, the cold-hearted and the weak-hearted. It needs those who can devote their lives to studying how many droplets of water are secreted by the salivary glands of dogs under which circumstances, and it needs those who can capture the passing impression of cherry blossoms in a fourteen-syllable poem or devote twenty-five pages to the dissection of a small boy's feelings as he lies in bed in the dark waiting for his mother to kiss him goodnight... Indeed the presence of outstanding strengths presupposes that energy needed in other areas has been channelled away from them."

Allen Shaw

I already feel better for reading this. It's all too easy for introverted people to feel as though they don't matter as much as more extroverted people.

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  1. I am exactly the same. I've always been painfully shy and won't speak to anyone unless they speak to me first. Since having children I have felt like I have had to come out of my shell more which has been great!
    Mummy of Two recently posted..After school activitiesMy Profile

    1. Post author

      I still don't know many people here. I really should pluck up the courage to ask some of the mums at nursery if they want to do coffee some time; three of us live on the same road!
      mummyglitzer recently posted..Wednesday WordsMy Profile

  2. Everybody counts and you should only be worried about whether what you are doing makes you happy and not how it looks to others. There is so much 'noise' in our society now and I have decided that my energy is much better spent on thinking and doing rather than being noisy too. Looks like a great book I hope it helps you see how wonderful you are. Enjoy.
    Kirsty recently posted..The Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring & Alys PatersonMy Profile

  3. I am an introvert too. When I go anywhere I tend to just smile but won't approach people. Unfortunately, people have often thought me to be stand offish which is a shame . I'm more of an observer and quite happy to sit and see what's happening as I can get quite anxious about having to talk in front of more than one person. I've avoided blog events up to now as I'd probably be really uncomfortable. I guess I'm not happy homebird for nothing 😉 I fancy reading this book - thanks for telling us all about it x
    Sam @happyhomebird recently posted..Elsa Beskow - pretty little booksMy Profile

  4. Some of the world's most introverted people have contributed more to Science, Art, Philosophy and future thought than all the extroverts put together. "Time to let the Dreamers Dream" as Prof Cox said 😉
    Kate Thompson recently posted.."Wiggling" the WiresMy Profile

  5. This looks amazing. I have introverted children and it can be really hard. I once posted something on facebook asking if anyone else had introverted children as I was feeling particularly lost and exasperated one day and I was so shocked by the replies...someone wrote telling me that her children were so not extroverted and full of confidence (not really what I wanted to hear) and someone else wrote saying that their child was destined for the stage and maybe mine could be the was really insensitive (I replied saying that my child was not going to be a stagehand for anyone, he would have written the play!). I have learnt, through time, to embrace my introverted children - I love their sensitivity and their thoughtfulness and there absolutely should be room for everyone in this world. Will definitely look this book up, thank you for sharing!
    Globalmouse recently posted..Landmark Trust – The Old Parsonage, Iffley, OxfordMy Profile

  6. I'm quite an extrovert to be honest. But then... I'd be terrible at my job (promoting a nightclub in town at night) if I wasn't!

    This sounds like a fantastic book and I really enjoyed reading just that section you've quoted. Perhaps you could lend it to me when you are done? Thanks for linking up such an interesting read to #WednesdayWords (and sorry for my slow commenting). xx
    Emma Day (crazywithtwins) recently posted..Children’s birthday party idea : Go KartingMy Profile


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