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I saw this on Facebook over the weekend and after sharing on Twitter it got me thinking.



I suspect that most people agree with the sentiment and it was RT on Twitter and shared/liked on Facebook a few times.

I was interested when a fellow tweeter (and someone I have "known" online for about 7 years) responded saying that it depends if you really think we live in a cruel and heartless world.

Whilst I don't genuinely believe that, I do believe there are some cruel and heartless people but there are also a lot of kind and nice people.  I am lucky enough to have come across the latter more often than the former and so now, I am actually questioning the above sentiment.

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Words

  1. This is actually a tough one. Do I want to teach my boys that the world is cruel and heartless? Not really, but I do want to bring them up to make good decisions that mean there is a little less of it in the world. It's important to be honest with them so that they don't grow up naive but I don't want them to focus on the bad but instead enjoy what is good.
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  2. I'm finding that in terms of my 10 year old, he is finding out for himself that the world is at times cruel. You can't protect older children from real life and actually they make their own decisions and have their own opinion of the world eventually.

    The latter part of the sentiment is of course all part of good parenting. Treat others how you would wish to be treated yourself is something I always say.
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