Unique Ways to Display Your Flowers

It’s easy to get bored of your vases once you’ve used them for a few months or even years. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to display flowers in unique and creative ways. The following are also handy if you were treated by surprise to some next day flowers at Flowers Same Day and find you are out of vases.

Once you start using our suggestions you will find yourself looking at all types of old containers in a different way. There are plenty of items around the house you can use as a vessel to display your beautiful bouquet and other bits and pieces you can recycle for off-beat displays. Use your creative flair to add design flourishes to any of the following:

Light bulbs

Carefully cut the base off the bottom of a light bulb to insert smaller stemmed flowers. Stand the bulb upside down on a ring. A bright idea!

Pens and pencils

Tape a collection of colourful pens and pencils together from the inside to form a roll to put around the flower stems then decorate with a nice ribbon.

Watering Can

Now an established alternative to the vase, a watering can makes for a wonderfully off-beat flower display. They also have the added advantage of having a handle so you can hang them on the wall.


Wine bottle

A favourite with restaurants and a convenient way to show off your excellent taste in wine. You can also use bottles of spirits such as gin and whisky which often come in more ornate bottles.

Paper cones

A creative way to adorn your new bouquet is to create a cone from beautiful wrapping paper, a nicely designed magazine cover or some sheet music.


Another reason to raid the recycle bin: Keep in mind your florist delivery next time you finish off a large pickle jar. You could even decorate the glass with a painted pattern to give your vase that handmade touch.

Paint Cans

Carefully decorated or shabbily stylish paint cans can hold the biggest of bouquets.

Old Wellies and Boots

A novel use of those wellies that don’t fit any more. A row of wellington boots with flowers in look wonderfully wacky.

Food cans

Take the labels off used food cans to provide a rustic looking vessel for smaller flowers. 

Poster tube

Just had a new print delivered? Poster tubes can be easily decorated with paint, paper or pen.


Diversify the use of your gravy boat or drinks jugs with a fresh bunch of flowers.


Test tubes

Although hard to find you will occasionally see these scholastic design classics in charity shops. Also available: boiling flasks, desk tidies and ink pots.

Old Chimney pots

Another item that can be hard to find but are often up for sale at auctions or specialist shops.

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