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Like most people, I like nothing more than a holiday. For me, a simple change of scenery is enough and while Harry is still small we will not even dream of heading abroad. At four-years-old, he is harder to entertain in a confined space for any length of time than he was as a baby, so a flight abroad frankly fills me with dread and that is before we get on to the issue of flight prices; from what I have seen, he would be charged full price. Whilst I understand that from a business point of view (i.e he would need a seat to himself), it still annoys me.

So, the few times we have had a break as family we have stuck to a UK break. Or, more specifically, a small hamlet in Devon called Hope Cove. We are very lucky in that my family have a holiday apartment there with views out to the sea. We don't manage to get there nearly as much as we would like though since neither the husband or I drive, although the husband is currently waiting to sit his test. The last time we went was two years ago this summer, for my sister's birthday celebrations.

With no mobile phone signal, Hope Cove really is a place where you can switch off. As soon as I catch the first glimpse of the sea, I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders; this is a place where I can feel that my troubles and stresses are a world away and yet feel all at home as well.

With a sunset like this, who needs to go abroad?
With a sunset like this, who needs to go abroad?

The UK really is full of beautiful places to visit and with no need for hanging around in airports, entertaining children on flights or the worry of delays or strikes, this country is a great place to holiday, particularly for young families.

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