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Over the Easter holidays, we were blessed with mostly lovely weather; lots of sun and very little rain. It remained dry throughout and we spent a great deal of time outside having fun. As much as we all enjoyed our time together, we were all quite happy when Harry returned to nursery last week. It's rather exhausting looking after an almost-four-year old big ball of energy and trying to keep him entertained. Harry was counting down the sleeps until he could go back to nursery to see his friends and my body was looking forward to a slightly slower pace of life for a while.

Harry's return to nursery has given us a chance to start de-cluttering his bedroom, namely toys and books as well as clothes.  With his birthday rapidly approaching and limited space in our flat, it has been a top priority to clear some space for his birthday presents but we couldn't manage it when he was at home; have you ever tried to do the de-cluttering with a child around? Trying to persuade a small person to get rid of that toy that they haven't played with in well over six months or they have outgrown is nigh on impossible. Harry has been pretty adamant that everything has to stay! So we have had to sneakily sort things out whilst he has been at nursery.

Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Not actually Harry's bedroom!

Whenever we do a big sort out, we split items into separate piles; those to keep, those that are so tatty/broken that they need to be binned, things that will go to the local charity shop (mainly books and clothes) and items that we can sell at local classified sites such as toys that are still in good condition.

When I look back on my childhood, I remember with fondness how weekends would be full of trips to car boot sales and jumble sales where people would hope to sell on their belongings which were no longer used. Some times my parents would take our unloved items to try and sell. I can recall a lot of bartering over prices going on, everyone keen to get the best possible price or a bargain. I certainly don't seem to see many of these around any more; selling things on-line seems to be cheaper and a lot more convenient although I must admit I miss going to car boot sales, they used to be almost a full day out and ideal places for spending my pocket money on some thing other than sweets and chocolate! More often than not I would add to my collection of books or little trinkets.

I think most of the stuff that we will be getting rid of will end up at the local charity shop since we seem to have a lot of sets with missing pieces due to various moves and Harry just misplacing things.

What do you do with things that you need to get rid of? Do you try and sell them on to recoup a little money or do you just bin them? I'd love to know if there's anything I haven't thought of.

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