STOP! You’re growing up too quick!

Toddlers are a pretty resilient bunch of people aren't they?

We have gone through a huge upheaval recently and whilst I spend what feels like hours at a time beating myself up, trying to work out how it all went so wrong, H is still largely happy, playful, cheeky and back-chatting as always.

There is no doubt that there have been a few clingy moments but with so much change at such a young age, no one can really blame him.

He suddenly seems to have become very aware of when mummy is sad or poorly and in need of a cuddle.  Whilst H has always been a sensitive soul, in the sense he seems to pick up on other people's feelings, I can't help but feel he has suddenly grown up a lot.

Not only does he seem to be more aware of how other people feel, he seems to have grown up a lot in other ways recently.

His speech and language is going through a bit of a spurt at the moment and he takes every opportunity he can to practice his counting.  The flip side to this is that his current favourite number appears to be four and as such he often says he has four daddies!  Need to work on that before he shouts it out in public!

Another favourite is learning the alphabet.  He recognises several letters but as he watches Countdown with Daddy, he doesn't say the letters phonetically and I hope this is not going to prove problematic when he starts pre-school.

I have realised in recent weeks that he truly does appreciate the simple pleasures.  A trip to the local park, rhyme time with mummy, a shower with daddy.  And whilst we may not have much at the moment, I do know my son is happy and growing into a kind, sensitive child.

I just wish time wasn't flying by so quickly as I just love watching him learn and grow.

4 thoughts on “STOP! You’re growing up too quick!

  1. Stimmoo

    Great post, H has what many other children wish for, myself included of two loving parents, as long as he has you both he has all he needs as the rest just doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things 🙂

  2. I know it's something OAPs say but 'the grow so quick'!

    I relate to the whole them feeling sensitive when you are sad thing, Ozzy is the same. Super that the simple things are enough to keep them happy isn't it?
    Try not to beat yourself up, sometimes crappy stuff just happens, so long as you are there for hugs then everything will be fine x Chine up x
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    1. MummyGlitzer

      It just feels so young for him to have this awareness but hopefully it will stand him in good stead for the future and he will continue to be sensitive to others. X


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