Spending Time Online

What do you do on-line?

Most of my time is spent catching up on blogs, tweeting, writing my own blogs and on Facebook, where I help to run a group for bloggers.  Some of the people I chat to are old friends from school, some are fellow bloggers and some people follow my blog. I chat to people I have never met in my life and am unlikely to ever meet and some people I have only met a few times. Some on-line friends I have known for as long as I have been with my husband, others, just less than a year but I still count them as friends. The majority of my friendships are now on-line.  While I talk to mums at the school during pick up times, I'm not sure if they are friends, although recently following major surgery, I have had lots of offers of help with the pick up (my husband does the drop off).

Many people think that on-line friendships aren't genuine and I have to disagree.  The support, encouragement, advice and general listening ears I have received, particularly in recent months, is amazing.  In fact, there are one or two people I only know online, who I have never met that I would class as a close friend.

However, there are times when I am awake in the early hours and just can't get to sleep, so what do I do then? I come online still but I play games. Sometimes if I am feeling lucky, I play casino type games. You can play 300+ casino games at netbet.co.uk which I think is great; a huge variety of games all on one site and there are a number of different offers available too.

I spend a huge amount of my time online, probably too much when I think about it although I am making an effort to cut it down.

How do you spend your time online? Do you think you spend too much time online?

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