“Please Stay on the Line. Your Life is Important to Us”

Image courtesy of Andy Newson / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Andy Newson / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You know that annoying message you get, when you call up just about every service provider in the world ever?  The one where the machine says "Please hold/stay on the line, your call IS important to us and we will answer your call shortly" and that is AFTER you have gone round in circles, pressing every available option only to be told that actually, you are speaking to the wrong person and therefore you have to go back to the beginning of the queue and listen to Greensleeves which is only intercepted by that line?  Well, you know the message I am on about?  That is how I feel about my life right now.  Not just my life, that of my husband and son too, of our little family unit.This weekend has been dull beyond dull.  Duller than a dull day.  Which is kinda ironic as the weather was the dullest it had been for a while.  With the very hit and miss weather, we were mainly stuck in with the occasional (and VERY occasional) burst of sunshine freeing us into the garden.

Operations on Hold

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I need two, at least three pretty major operations.  If you didn't know that and want to find out more take a look here.  I say it casually but really, I'm not sure it gets much more dangerous than brain surgery but I am no Doctor, so what do I know?

I had a pre-op assessment at the end of April for the first operation I need.  I was told I should have an operation date within a few weeks and neither of the nurses could foresee the anesthetist having an issue with signing me off for surgery.

Except there was.

After over three weeks of waiting I had to call my nurse.  Except after several attempts and two voicemails she didn't get back to me.  So on week four, I called my NS secretary.  I was dealt with the blow that since the Genetics team have referred me to Cardiology for a heart scan, the anesthetist refused to give me the all-clear for any planned surgery.  Understandable I know, but no less upsetting when I have spent months hoping to make a start on getting better.  I was informed that on account of my surgery being dependent on this scan, it was marked as a high priority referral so I should have some information within a week or so.

Last week, another three weeks down the line I still had no further contact from any of the medical team dealing with me.  So I called my NS secreatary again.  All she said was that she would get in touch with my nurse.  Who is seemingly impossible to get hold of.  So I called my Genetics counsellor.  Who helpfully looked up my file, only to inform me that they had been in touch with the wrong GP.  My old one.  From six months ago.  Despite me filing out a new information form at my appointment in February.  The counsellor offered to contact my new GP direct (with a copy of the correspondence with my old GP) or send it to me for me to go to my own GP myself.

Given how long all this has taken so far and the fact that my surgery has open clinic every morning, I decided to request the information be sent to me and I will chase my GP myself, armed with evidence this time!

Still Waiting for Housing

We have now been in a hostel for six months.  Temporary accommodation.  We have asked for a review on the decision to declare that we made ourselves intentionally homeless.  We put in the appeal some time at the end of April and the Council have 56 days to review it and consider any new evidence.

This morning I discovered that, finally, we are technically able to bid on properties but that we are currently in Band 4.  Every one else who lives here is usually in Band 3.  1 being the highest, 5 the lowest priority.

So still on hold in that sense too.

Still waiting on so many things, despite our best efforts to do things ourselves.

Waiting for life to start again it feels like.

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