A Late Afternoon Trip to the Park

With the cold weather starting to settle in, my body has started to feel more sore than ever despite the pain relief. With our curtains being fitted this week, the husband has been sanding, filling, sanding, filling and finally painting our bedroom at long last, thus Daddy Daycare has taken somewhat of a back seat and it has been left to me to try to entertain Harry when he is not at pre-school.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day but both my mood and pain got the better of me so we spent a lazy morning and early afternoon reading, playing with puzzles and various activities at home. Spending such a large amount of time with Harry after his two full days at pre-school always seem to be a lot of fun, perhaps I just appreciate it more than the day or two before his pre-school time. When Harry very sweetly, complete with doey eyes, asked if I could take him to the play park, how could I refuse?


This was the first time Harry noticed our shadows and he was trying to catch them. Perhaps the low, late afternoon sunshine played a part, maybe in the mind of a 3.5 year old it is somewhat of a novelty to see the long shadows at the park. Fascination with the shadows didn't last long. Soon Harry made the most of the reason for going to the playground, which is of course to play!


Tongue out!




We were only there for a short time, maybe 30 minutes as the sun was setting and just watching him have so much fun brought me a lot of fun too and really made the whole weekend for me in fact. Days like that remind me what it is like to see the excitement of the outdoors world through the eyes of a young, ever-growing child. So ordinary to an adult, so magical to a child.

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28 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon Trip to the Park

  1. What a lovely post Rachel. It makes such a difference when we have less time with them, I think we make more of an effort. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time together and lovely photos too 🙂
    Charly Dove recently posted..The Bay of PlentyMy Profile

  2. A perfect post for all three linkys! This post is so totally what I keep banging on about with Country Kids. It may only be half an hour outdoors but it can be what makes the weekend, I'm sure there are some happy hormones released from fresh air! Glad you got out if only to watch that beautiful smiling face on your son.
    Coombemill recently posted..#SBS with Theo Paphitis 2013My Profile

    1. Post author

      As soon as Harry asked I knew it would be fun, for me as much as him in different ways. Seeing his happy, smiling face totally made the struggle of the walk worth it and it was Country Kids which reminded me to take the camera to capture it. So thank you. x

  3. That's such a lovely post, sometimes the most ordinary times can be the most special. I sometimes forget what an extraordinary time these pre-school days are, thanks for reminding me. And I love the light in your photos.

  4. Great post, although I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain just now. Outdoor time is so important. I get stressed at the weekends if I feel we haven't done anything outdoorsy with the children!

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