Improving The Safety Of Your Family Home

Keeping your home secure

Our home holds everything that is precious to us – that’s what makes it a home and not just a house. When we go on holiday, often on the last couple of days we start to yearn for the things we love, our own little comforts, back home. Also, within our digital age, our homes are now full of very expensive technical items, like plasma TVs, computers, tablets and so on. Ensuring our home is safe from intruders is a must. The Metropolitan Police gives a concise lowdown on how to keep your home secure. Each police force has its own section on this, which is available on their respective websites. But what are some basic steps we can take to minimise the risk of being burgled?

Fit an intruder alarm

Alarms are a long-term investment. They can be expensive so great consideration should be taken when buying one. Some alarms will come with a support package, but they can incur hefty costs as you are required to pay a service charge to the company that will attend if your alarm goes off. It may be a cheaper option to look at what is available on websites like as you’ll find various types of alarms and you can research them thoroughly on your own without a pushy salesman trying to force a sale!

Keep the garden secure

It is essential that a burglar is deterred from even setting foot on to your property. Make all access ways hard to get into – intruders want easy exits, so make sure your fencing is strong and secure, that your gates are locked when you are out or away, and finally that your sheds and storage areas are secure and locked.

Use lighting wisely

There are two ways to use lighting to deter a burglar: fit some good security lighting to your property – the infrared sensor lights are a good deterrent – although be careful you don’t aim the sensor on the local cats’ evening hangout point! These are bright and can flood a whole garden with light. You can also leave a light on inside the house, and draw the curtains in one bedroom. Timer switches may also be useful for switching a lamp on and off.

Securing windows and doors

These are obviously the means of entry for a burglar, so keep them secure. Your ground floor windows should be double glazed as single-pain glass can be smashed very easily. Do not leave your windows open when you go out, even if it’s only for a short time. Lock the windows when you go out – even if your windows don’t have them as standard, separate locks and alarms can be fitted. Of course you should always lock your doors when you go out, but also beware of distraction burglars. If someone you’re not expecting knocks at your door, lock your back door before you answer the front door.

Sign up to Neighbourhood Watch

You can take an active part in keeping your neighbourhood safe by joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. If there isn’t one, look at starting one up – it’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and keep up to date with local policing issues. The easiest way to get in touch is through their website.

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