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Cancer. It’s an ugly word. It’s a horrible disease. One which I am, so far, lucky enough to have not had. However I, like many of you I am sure, do know people who have had it. Some have died from one form of cancer or another, some have survived. One person I know has survived it twice.

For those of you who don’t know her, may I introduce you to Emma from Crazy with Twins. In 1994, aged just eight years old, Emma was diagnosed with Leukaemia. She had three intensive courses of chemotherapy over a two-year period. The chemotherapy stopped in 1996 and she had regular check-ups until 2006. At the time, the survival rate for children with acute lymphoblastic cancer was just 70%, today the survival rate for ALL is now 85%.

For someone to successfully battle with cancer and go on to have a beautiful family is an achievement in itself, I am sure you will agree. Imagine what it must be like to have to fight cancer a second time? That’s exactly what Emma did.

Last year, Emma was once again diagnosed with cancer. This time papillary thyroid carcinoma. Now with three daughters and a husband, she had to fight once more. She had her thyroid removed and had to undergo intensive radiotherapy. She became known as Radioactive Mum. She became known as Radioactive Mum. Bloggers across the country came together, tweeting and/or blogging messages of support and Emmas Army (#EmmasArmy) was born.

Emma has been an amazingly strong and resilient lady, talking positively and with determination about her experiences (and that of her family members, some of whom have also battled cancer). She was a wonderful support to me whilst I was homeless and gathered a group together to raise some funds to help us to furnish our flat, even taking the time to drive to Bristol in order to take me to Ikea to do some shopping (we must do that again soon!).

Despite having recently suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and still coming to terms with that, both physically and emotionally, Emma’s determination to raise money for Cancer Research UK has not wavered. She plans to WALK the Cotswold’s Way. All 104 miles of it over 10 consecutive days, starting on Thursday 15th May, at a time when she should still be recuperating.

Naturally she would like as many people as possible to join her but, more importantly, she needs sponsorship. She wants to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, to help fund research into cures for cancer.

Sadly I am unable to join her in the walk for health reasons but I will be supporting her virtually in any way I can.

If you think you could support her, whether by joining in with the walk or through, sharing messages of support on social media or by way of a financial donation, please do head over to her blog where you can find details about the plan and more of her personal tales about her experiences with cancer.

I'm part of #EmmasArmy

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