I Am Going to Britmums Live!

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I remember seeing the #britmumslive hashtag on Twitter last year, thinking it sounded brilliant.  I didn't go last year as I had only recently started the blog and was, frankly, terrified.  However, I was sure I would go this year.

Initially, this didn't look likely.  At first it was because I was in discussions about possible surgery so I didn't want to commit the sort of money (ticket, travel and hotel) only to not be able to go.  By the time it had been confirmed that my surgery wouldn't be likely to clash with the event (I still need another scan and more tests before I can have the OK for it), the tickets had sold out and we were homeless.  Even if we did have the money there was no way I would have spent it simply for me to have a night away with some friends and to meet some fantastic people.

Charlie over at The Mummy Blogger had previously offered to purchase a ticket for me and I had refused to let her do so.

As always seems to happen with these sorts of things, as the cut off time for changing names on tickets approached, I had seen several tweets and Facebook statuses asking if anyone had a ticket they were willing to sell on and transfer.  When I saw one available on eBay, I shared it (although on Facebook I did jokingly ask if anyone wanted to buy it for me) knowing that there were other people on the hunt for one.  Again, Charlie offered and again I refused.

Long story short, a few blog pals (Charlie, Emily at Tea Lady MumblesInstinctive Mum, Elizabeth from Dragon Fly Poppy and Emma from Mum Mum Heart) ended up clubbing together to purchase the ticket for me which was unbelievably kind.  Charlie then contacted the hotel where she and Emma were staying for the Friday night and found out I could stay with them for a mere a £30.  Having just completed a sponsored past, that was sorted, with just my travel left to find funds for.

Having publicly thanked my wonderful pals for sorting the ticket out for me, my twitter pal Danielle then sent me a message, requesting my PayPal account details so she could send me a little bit of money towards it.  Imagine my surprise and gratitude when I realised she had given me enough money to cover my train fare plus a little left!

Perhaps some people may (and do) think I am in the wrong for going away.  Despite it being a gift.  My friends (and family) want me to have a nice experience, to meet at least some of the people who have been a wonderful support this past six months and also, to catch up with my late mum’s best friend once the conference finishes for the first time in 9 years.

Frankly, I am no longer upset at what other people think.  Just extremely grateful to my friends and very excited!  Roll on #Britmumslive!

10 thoughts on “I Am Going to Britmums Live!

  1. I think that it's important right now for you to have things just for you to look forward to - and this is a good one. People love you enough to get you there and want to spend their time with you - and that's lovely.
    Eliza_Do_Lots recently posted..Laundry. I hate it.My Profile

    1. Post author

      It really is and I am so looking forward to meeting as many people as I can; you are top of my list (after my roomies of course!). x

  2. Wow that's fantastic hun! Isn't the blogging community fantastic! So glad you are coming. I'd have chipped in too if I had known about it. Don't feel you shouldn't go... You might be a mummy, but you are Rachel too. You deserve to have some fun. Xx
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