Goodbye January!

January. Quite possibly the only month in the entire year where one feels polar opposites emotionally.

It may well be just me (I suspect not) but the first day of January starts so optimistically. Somewhere under the hangover and the remains of the festive food and drink, there is a sense of hope, anticipation, maybe even excitement.

After the last 18 months I know I did. We had our home. I had started the first of a series of operations. Harry was coming on in leaps and bounds. Time had been spent with family. We had quite possibly the best Christmas as a family. We had made resolutions promises to get outdoors more with Harry, have more quality time together as a family, to give us all some new experiences, to take more photographs.

Then came the rain. All the rain. The rain that hasn't stopped.

2014-01-31 (Friday)

Despite our best intentions, it is pretty darn hard to get out on a budget, with no car.

With rain comes cabin fever. Entertaining a 3-year-old when the rain just won't stop is testing. It tests my patience, the husband's patience. Harry pushes the boundaries and we try to not shout but some times it just gets too hard.

We re-acquaint ourselves with Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and everything with Justin (which is just about all of the shows on cBeebies) with the occasional Toy Story which mainly an indulgence for Mummy and Daddy.

Then boom!

The guilt comes crashing. He has too much energy to be indoors all day for the whole month, save for the 2.5 days a week at nursery.

"But Mummy I want to go to the Castle. To the big park."

"But Mummy I want to play football."

"But Mummy I don't want to play with PlayDoh again."

Not only has this January been the wettest on record, it is a month full of low mood once the festivities have finished and routine starts again.ย Everything is an effort and tiresome and I just cannot be bothered but I have to for him. The little boy I helped to make. He carries a burden too big for just 3 years old and it is good, so good, that he does not realise how much I have needed him.

So I will pick myself up again. I have picked myself up again. Because I have to.

So February; please just get your weather act together. And pronto.


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33 thoughts on “Goodbye January!

  1. it is dreadful isn't it ๐Ÿ™ We have full blown cabin fever here because of my daughter's condition we can't go out in the rain or even if it's really cold, so that means pretty much every day at the moment. We are normally such an outdoorsy type family too. Fingers crossed the weather will improve soon, although it's not always the case, it can get worse in February ๐Ÿ™
    Anne recently posted..My Pregnancies - First and Second bornMy Profile

    1. Post author

      I know. ๐Ÿ™ I really hope we get a few more dry days at least. We can cope with the cold (to a certain degree) but I cannot bear the rain.

    1. Post author

      I honestly don't mind it being a bit cold but the rain and dullness really gets me down. I know the weekend is meant to be wet as well but I really do hope the rain will stop soon.

  2. january is always miserable with its weather but i find feb to march the worst , its then we get the floods of rain and high winds , i hate the cold weather x


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