Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Regular readers will know that in the past we have had a lot of upheaval and around Christmas started waking up during the night and beginning the day at 5 am. We then decided to bring in a longer bedtime routine, introducing signals to him so that he had adequate "winding down time" before bed. The TV generally goes off during dinner, he will then get 30 minutes of a calming show before a bath, which is followed by getting into PJs (again without TV) and finally a story or two of his choosing. We also took him out and let him choose his own bedding as before he just had the bedding we had from the hostel, rather too grown up for an almost 4-year-old!

We have come to love bed time (not just because it means peace!) and it has made a noticeable difference, even within a few days and it is rare now that Harry will act up during this routine, although of course there is still the odd time when he will make excuses. Heck, more often than not now Harry tells us when he wants to go to bed!  😉

For me I am lucky enough to be able to nap during the day should the need arise but I prefer getting a good night-time sleep and waking in the morning feeling refreshed. Funnily enough, the husband prefers it when I get a decent night's sleep as well; let's just say it is very noticeable when I haven't.

So, recently I decided to effectively borrow some of the things we have found that have worked with Harry . I now generally read in bed for about 20-30 minutes before settling whereas until recently I would be on social media (Twitter, I am looking at YOU) and/or watching TV until the last-minute. It is only recently that we started using our new, excellent quality bedding that we were gifted for Christmas. Even more recently, I have stopped drink alcohol (I am now fully aware that many of you may have your jaws on your desk at the moment but it really has helped!).

All of these things combined, I truly believe have worked wonders. Our bedroom is still a work in progress in terms of decoration but we have a much clearer idea of the sort of look we want. Aside from the bedding we were given at Christmas, we have had the rest of our bedding for the last five years and it certainly does not match the ideas we have; it is red and brown and we are looking for more neutral, relaxing colours this time. With that in mind I have looked for stylish bedding sets available online.

Whilst I was having a look with a friend, it occurred to us that with white furniture and neutral walls in my own bedroom, perhaps I could have at least one set of bedding to add an injection of colour and we love this cute Lovehearts duvet cover, my husband however, may take a little more persuasion.

So, whilst I am on the hunt for good quality bedding, can you give me any ideas where I might get some at a reasonable price? Or indeed any more tips to help sleep better?

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  1. I would suggest shopping at local discount mattress or bedding stores in your area. You may also have some luck on websites like eBay and Amazon.


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