For Mum

They said it gets easier.

I suppose in a way it does.

Yet in other ways it doesn't.

It's all consuming at times.

At other times it's just beneath the surface.

You push it under.

You have no choice.

Because you have to carry on with life.



One word and yet means such different things to each of us.

Some people shut the door on it.

Others openly mourn a loss.

A memory, a day, a song.

And then you break.

You've fallen in love, it's your wedding day, the birth of your child.

You break some more.

"You should have been there!"

"Why didn't you stay?"

Pointless anger.

Useless grief.

I need you now and you're not here.

It's not fair.

Life isn't fair though.

Almost nine years on and it still feels so raw.

I miss you Mum.



15 thoughts on “For Mum

    1. mummyglitzer

      Post author

      I have a fabulous family so I know I will get through it, however difficult. I hope you have support too. Xx

    1. mummyglitzer

      Post author

      Yes, I think that's it, it's just different. Maybe you just learn to deal with it, somehow. Xx


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