Is it too early to think about Easter?

Winter is well and truly settling in. With the occasional frost in the morning, the autumnal leaves dropping off the trees and the stress excitement of Christmas building it leaves us lusting after a break of some sort but alas, there is so much to do! The idea of going on holiday over the festive period sends chills down my spine! So, I look at going away once the dust has settled.

Personally, we cannot afford to go abroad. Whilst package holidays may appear cheap, the costs soon add up with travel, meals, excursions and any thing else. As a result we tend to stick to breaks at my Auntie's and Uncle's apartment in Hope Cove, Devon.


Naturally I would ask my Auntie and Uncle if the apartment in Hope Cove is available as it is a place where I feel so at peace. It is a place that as soon as I arrive, a weight feels lifted from my shoulders and I can just relax. Plus we usually go with family so we get the added bonus of quality family time (and you all know how happy that makes me!).

That said, one of my favourite holidays, aside from my wedding-come-honeymoon (obviously!), was a trip to Butlins. The husband and I went there with my best friend and her partner to celebrate their daughter's first birthday. Basically it was just an excuse to indulge ourselves in an affordable break and a lot of cheesy entertainment. I have yet (six years later) to laugh as much as I did then!

I always feel that the beginning of the year can be a bit of a let down. We are so used to being full of optimism and excitement on New Years' Eve that a couple of days later it all feels a little like a crash. Personally, I think going on Easter breaks can be the perfect pick me up, something to look forward in those times of gloom and I think everyone needs something to look forward to!

In answer to my own question, it is never too early to plan a holiday or an event to look forward to. My personal countdowns start as soon as they are booked!

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