Dawn of the Threenager

At the age of 2 years and 8.5 months old, we appear to have entered into the dawn of the "Threenager" with H.

If your child hasn't quite entered this stage yet, be warned.  You think the Terrible Twos are bad?  A breeze let me tell you!Don’t get me wrong, on the whole H is still a pleasure to be around, very happy, playful and chatty.  Until, that is, he cannot get his own way or he is told off then it is like all hell has broken loose.

We are used to the crying.  The puppy dog pleading eyes.  However, we now also get shrieking. High pitched shrieking that should be coming from a banshee.  We now have randomly grabbing objects and throwing them.  Including, very recently, half a beaker of squash and tipping it over the laptop (thankfully it recovered).  Most notably now door slamming has arrived.  That is, slamming of the cupboards, of all doors in the flat (I say all, there are only two plus the front door) and storming OUT of the flat, slamming the door behind him.

The trouble with these dramatics is that actually, they make the husband and I laugh.  Try as we might, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves when H flies off the handle so unreasonably.  And of course the biggest mistake you can make is laugh.

The second biggest mistake appears to be trying to reason with the tantruming threenager.  This seems to cause a similar reaction to laughter; that is, to make him worse, he gets more wound up, more angry.

I strongly suspect these reactions are common throughout threenagers across the land, I have never seen anything quite like it and for now, I count my blessings in that we haven't yet had to deal with a public tantrum.  I can feel my cheeks turn red at the mere thought of a public tantrum.

So tell me, how are you coping with the threenager?

8 thoughts on “Dawn of the Threenager

  1. Oh I hear ya! Was having this conversation with the dad of my daughter's joint birthday party girl at their third birthday last Saturday. Both girls sailed through their twos with relative ease, a minimum of tantrums and maintaining plenty of their angelicness. But we've noticed in the run up to their birthdays that both have taken a turn for the worse as it were... threenager sums it up so well. Glad I will have you to share experiences with over the coming months, you have my deepest sympathies!!xx
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    1. MummyGlitzer

      Yes H has been a pretty easy child for the most part until now, it has been a bit of a shock.

  2. Oh dear! What a nightmare! Running out of the flat is very scary. When my eldest was coming up for 3 my friend who had older children and worked at a nursery warned me - 3 is worse than 2! They are so much cleverer and more manipulative at 3. No words of advice, I'm afraid - I can hardly remember it now!
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    1. MummyGlitzer

      Thankfully we are in a building, so he just runs into the communal hall and can't reach the door handle to get to the main front door!

      Definitely hard work!

  3. I remember when T hit this stage and while I welcomed his independence and wishes, it was tiring when he wouldn't listen to what you asked of him. I'm not sure we did anything different. We certainly didn't change anything discipline-wise or functionally but things worked out very quickly. His understanding and verbal ability increased massively at this time so he was able to say what he wanted, what was going on, and it became easier to slowly and cleary explain to him how he shouldn't do certain things, and, if he did, what the consequences would be.
    Good luck. 🙂
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    1. mummyglitzer

      Post author

      Thank you that is rather reassuring. H does seem to be coming on leaps and bounds in terms of speech and understanding, I can only imagine it will improve further once he starts pre-school.

  4. Uhoh! We are in the terrible 2s now with tantrums and tears, I have been looking forward to three as the light at the end of the tunnel!!
    Such a great blog with such deep and thought-inspiring posts. I think you are so strong to forgive. I'm a new follower for sure!

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    1. MummyGlitzer

      Sorry to have to break it to you but the 3s are worse! lol

      Thank you for reading, I am just going to check yours out.


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