Choosing a New Carpet

One week before Christmas 2017, we moved into our current home. We were transferred, by the council, from a two bedroom, first floor flat to a ground floor flat with a wet room on account of my mobility issues. After several accidents from falling in or out of the bath, meaning I stopped bathing myself when home alone, our request for a more suitable home was accepted.

With just one week’s notice, we moved quickly.

A year on and we still haven’t done much in the way of decorating or putting our own stamp on our home. We took the carpets from our old flat and used them in our new one where we could. We were only able to carpet the lounge and Harry’s bedroom.. The rest of the flat remains, rather shamefully, carpet less a year on!

Thing is, to get a decent carpet can work out pretty expensive. It’s money we just don’t have.

Until I came across cheap carpets from Flooring Superstore.  They currently have a sale on meaning that prices start from just £4.89 per square meter! That’s far more affordable for us than we ever thought possible.

There’s so much to consider when choosing a carpet and price is just one thing!

The carpets we do have are a , quite frankly horrible, dark brown colour. They don’t suit our taste and style at all but we thought it was the most practical out of our options.

It turns out we were wrong.

Dark brown shows up all the dog hair whenever we look after my sister’s dog, which takes weeks to get rid of completely.

Stains from spilt drinks or food show up far more than I thought they would.

The obvious poor quality of the carpet and the lack of underlay started to show very quickly once the carpets were in.

As we moved into our old place from a homeless hostel, we were given limited choice by the council and no option for underlay. We quickly realised that, despite not being able to see it, underlay is very important. It’s not something we will skimp on again. Underlay saves wear and tear on the carpet, absorbing the impact of foot traffic so your carpet doesn’t have to.

Next time we finally manage to buy new carpets, we will skimp on the carpet if we have to in order to get underlay.

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