Blogging Awards Season

Those who are a part of the blogging community will know that awards season is upon us.

I was privileged enough to be nominated in the MADs (that's Mum and Dad Blog Awards) and also in a new awards called SWAN UK Blog Post awards for individual post.  When you take into account just how many parent blogs there are in the UK now (or written by UK ex-pats), I was astounded to even be nominated.

Whilst I have always been proud of my blog, using it largely as a sort of therapy as well as a record of my family life, I am not very good at recognising my own skills or strengths.  I have never asked for nominations simply because there are so many, far more worthy blogs out there.

Yet, as my good friend Sarah from Mum of 3 World said to me a few several weeks ago "Not all of your readers will be from the community so may not be aware".

So *gulp* here comes my plea.

I didn't make the finalist section for either the MADs or the SWANs as I didn't get enough nominations.  The BiBs (that's Brilliance in Blogging Awards) have recently opened for nominations.  I am eligible for Fresh Voice, at least in terms of age having been blogging for 14 months now.  However you may wish to consider me for another category, maybe Inspire, Writer, Family or Outstanding?  I am not good at shouting out about any of my talents so I am not sure if I fit in any at all but if you don't ask, you don't get!

Of course, you may choose not to nominate me at all, which is fine too.  I know I don't appeal to everyone, like not everyone's blogs don't appeal to me; that is the joy of blogging, there are so many different ones.

So, here is the link for categories along with a brief explanation of what sort of blogs fit.  That page will also take you to the nominations form, which I will warn you, if you read a lot of blogs and want to nominate in each category is rather epic!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Awards Season

    1. mummyglitzer

      Post author

      Thank you for the kick up the backside. Good luck in the MADs and BiBs; I have every confidence in you! x

  1. I glad you put pen to paper to ask for votes. It's always good to know who wants to take part because I've voted for people in the past who have then said they don't believe in blogging awards. It felt wasted then. Very best of luck, my dear x
    farfromhomemama recently posted..Give a toddler a cameraMy Profile

  2. I decided the same and 'went for it' too! I think it's a good idea cos as you say, some regular readers don't even know they exist. Good luck! x


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