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I used to enjoy going to these when H was a baby.  I went to a couple each week through my maternity leave and made a few friends.  Once (most of us) returned to work we didn't see a great deal of each other but we met up for the First birthdays (did a joint party), had a picnic in the Summer at a local park and a Christmas party both years.

Having been made redundant from my job and relocating to Bristol, I am still finding my feet; we've only been here 3 weeks.  Over the weekend I was invited by my next door neighbour to go to a group with her.  She has a daughter who turns 4 this week and a son 4 months younger than H.

At 9.45am the doorbell rang and I bundled H into the neighbour's car and off we went to her Church in Bath where the group was held.

I was introduced as her neighbour and it was explained to several other mums that I was new to Bristol and didn't know anyone other than my family.

I spent two hours pretty much by myself.

H had a fab time and asked to go "Night night" as soon as we got back but I managed to give him his lunch first.  So I feel bad that I don't want to go back.  And a little selfish.

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  1. Emma

    Are there any groups closer to you? I went to one today for the first time that's just round the corner and I figure it's likely that T will end up at pre-school / school with some of the kids.

    I was going so he can play with kids his own age in a neutral environment (ie not fighting over toys with his brother at home!) and not that bothered about chatting to other mums (though I chatted to a couple a bit)... Maybe I'm very antisocial though!

    1. Post author

      We're going to try the Children's Centre down the road, although it's only a 5 minute (adult) walk it's South Glocs so I'm not sure if I will be 'allowed' by they run two a week I think.

      Back in Bournemouth I wasn't so bothered about making friends because I had some, I think it's just where I don't work at the moment I'd like a little adult company sometimes and not just at 10pm at night. H is so laid back and hits me away if I try to play with him that those 2 hours drag when I'm sat on my own!

  2. It's always hard when you relocate. I did it when the twins were 3 months old and found it hard at first as I didn't feel very mobile and it was tricky taking them out at the best of times! I did find my feet though. I met a few people through groups but I also made a friend through Mumsnet, one through my older son's pre-school and then once I had a few I started to make more in parks, playgrounds, shops and so on! I also joined a couple of organised classes and hooked up with the NCT.

    I still have all my old friends but I feel like I've made some really brilliant new ones down here but it did take time, which I guess all friendships do. I always go out of my way to be friendly to other 'new' people now too!

    Good luck with it. x


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