Magic yet Ordinary Moment

It can be so easy to just photograph and showcase those special events or funny poses but what about the daily activity?  The things our children do on a daily basis, while you snap away yet don't show the world because... Well, it's just a daily, normal activity?  For me, it is so easy to forget to capture those moments yet it is those that we will miss.  The moments during which they are learning and growing at their finest.

With that in mind, yesterday evening I took the below picture, of Harry playing alone in his new bedroom.

Ordinary Moments - Harry in Bedroom

I love it because it captures Harry in "his" own space.  A whole room of his own to play and sleep in.  It shows him playing alone, which has done a fair bit of in the last few days, for the first time in many months. Most of the time we were in the hostel he wanted our attention all the time.  With us all spending all of our time together, I suppose that is understandable.

It is a far from technically perfect photograph but it is perfect to us because of what it represents.  It shows the end result of where the last nine months have brought us to after seemingly endless meetings, letters and phone calls.  Countless tears and tantrums from all three of us.  That is the reason we fought so hard and appealed so much.  To give our son space to play and grow in our own home.

With that in mind I am linking to both Magic Moments and The Ordinary Moments because really, that moment is a bit of both in equal measures.

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15 thoughts on “Magic yet Ordinary Moment

  1. Hear hear! Those ordinary simple moments are just as beautiful and valuable and worthy of memory, even though they sometimes merge with the flow of everyday life. I sometimes try to remember not to try to capture everything, but just be in the moment, as they do go so fast, don't they. Well done to you all for your milestone of giving your son a place he is happy and secure in to play on his own. Very moving.
    Mama and More aka Zaz recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  2. I think this is my favourite ordinary moment of the week, because through watching your timeline and reading your blog I know how much Harry's own space is something that means so incredibly much to all of you. It is something which I probably take for granted, the fact that Mads has her own room to play in. I am so happy for you that you finally have a house, and I am looking forward to seeing so many more 'ordinary moments' in your new home. It's a big milestone but an ordinary moment indeed. xx

  3. How incredibly touching. You guys have done so well, and how much you appreciate it pours out of the blog. So amazing that he has his own space now. He will thrive in it.
    He must be delighted his toys are now out of storage.
    I wish you many years of happiness and laughter AND ordinary moments in your new home.
    Lots of love from our home to yours,
    Liska xx
    Liska @NewMumOnline recently posted..A Little Boy that Knows How to RelaxMy Profile

  4. I find that photos that don't concentrate on style/lighting etc but ont he subject like this one are always the best. Loved reading this post popping over from#MagicMoments


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