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As regular readers will know, the fabulous Penny, Annie and Tanya have been to Ghana, visiting various projects that have been set up and run by donations to Comic Relief here in the UK.  As part of a plan to raise awareness of the work that Comic Relief has done in the last 25 years (yes, it really is 25 years old!) these bloggers have been sending digital postcards to around 150 of their fellow bloggers and here is mine!



Dear Rachel

This woman Vivienne is one of the members of the Mental Health support group set up by the Basic Needs Trust in Ghana and funded by Comic Relief. She is standing next to a member of staff from the Trust. Like many of the group members, after treatment for her illness Vivienne received a small loan to help her progress as a dressmaker, and joined the self help group of which she is secretary. We spoke very briefly, but her passion for helping others within the community with mental health issues came through loud and strong, she is a really inspiring woman. She also welcomed us so warmly to the monthly group meeting. Amazing project.

 Love Penny


Go girls!  You did a fabulous job!
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