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Dear Harry

I cannot quite believe that this morning saw me and Daddy take you to school for the first time. It feels like just a few weeks ago that you were placed into my arms after you were born, when I made a promise to protect you and love you forever and now I have to let you go, trust other people to keep you safe from 8.45 - 3.20 five days a week.

You cried last night and this morning, telling us that you did not want to go, that you wanted to stay at home with us. We tried to reassure you that you will be with lots of your friends, you will make new friends, that your new teachers will look after you and that you will still have lots of time to play. You did not seem all that convinced.

Your school uniform (and trousers in particular) drowns you; Daddy says it looks like you are wearing clown trousers without the bright colours as they are so big on you even though they are the smallest size we could find. Whilst I was able to take them up at the legs, there is little I can do about the waist and a belt adds to the bagginess around the bum although at least it keeps the trousers up!

When we got to the end of our road on the walk, you were delighted to see one of your friends and you did what you always did to and from nursery; ran with him while he rode his scooter. For a short time I thought you might be OK but as we got closer to school, you kept nearer to me and Daddy. As we turned the corner and your school came into view, you refused to continue walking, pleading with Daddy to carry you. And carry you he did.

You played for a short while in your new playground with your friends and reluctantly came back when the bell rang. You gripped both mine and Daddy's hands and I wondered if you were ever going to let us go. We tried to read and write with you, something we are to do every morning but you seemed overwhelmed by your new surroundings and the amount of people there were in one room. I am not surprised; I found it rather daunting myself. 😉

Then it was time for me and Daddy to leave you. I thought you were going to cry, you desperately wanted to either come home or if you had to stay you wanted to play with the train set you had spied. But it wasn't play time any more, it was time to practice writing with your key-worker and small group. When your key-worker said you could play with the train set before PE you warmed slightly but your arms remained firmly around my neck. And then, just as I was sure the tears would come, you spied that three of your friends are in the same small group as you and a further five or six in the same class. With the promise of a beef burger for lunch, a chance to play on the train set and us bringing your scooter for pick up, you let us go.

I am so proud of you. You handled it all a lot better than I thought you would, I was so sure you would cry and that I'd have to promise to get you at lunch time. Knowing that you have so many friends in your class (I think all of them bar two actually) makes me feel a lot more confident that you will enjoy Reception just as much as Nursery. And you will have lunch and play time with the other two friends as well; the old crew back together again.

I really hope your first day in Reception goes as well as your first day at Nursery did.

Lots of love

Mummy xxx

P.S. I am still cross you wouldn't let me take a photograph of you this morning.