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It's Saturday again already and time for another Saturday Caption and I am showing you another picture from a recent trip to Harry's favourite park. I have found that I have had to look through these pictures recently, as a reminder of the fun times we have as a family when Harry gets angry, or demanding or just plain refuses to go to bed. A little reminder of the things that make it all worthwhile.

Can you caption this photo though?

Saturday Caption

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Harry is a huge fan of bath time, he always has been and it's a bit of a struggle to get him out of the bath! I am often sure that more water ends up on the floor rather than in the bath itself. As it's Saturday, I've chosen this for today's #satcap. Can you caption it? #satcap This week it's Sonya from Rock n Roll Mum turn to host the linky!

The Ramblings of a formerly Rock n Roll Mum


During this week we went for a short, easy stroll to get some fresh air and as ever, ended up in our local playground. I had my camera, which seems to be becoming a more regular fixture in my handbag, with me and began to snap away.

It was only when uploading the pictures to the laptop, deciding which ones to discard, that I came across this.

saturday caption

I was going to delete this one but I decided to see if my wonderful readers could come up with a  Saturday caption for it instead!

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Expressions photos



Clearly we have a young boy, determined to follow in Daddy's foot steps one day.

Harry really enjoys helping to cook and likes to get involved as much as he can. I think it makes him feel very grown up and certainly seems to encourage him to eat more, not that eating is often an issue with him. For example, having been up for 3 hours now he has eaten; 2 small boxes of raisins, a bowl of cereal, 3 satsumas, an apple and a carrot. Yes, the boy does love his fruit and veg, he'd live off them if we let him!

Anyway, back to business. Can you caption this?

Saturday caption

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So, once more it has been a while since I joined in with this!

This was taken last Sunday when we spent the afternoon with my sister, her boyfriend and his two daughters; Harry simply adores spending time with them and they him. I really love seeing the bond they have built over the last two years since we moved up to Bristol.

But this is SatCap. So, what is Harry up to here? Or thinking? Can you caption it?


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Harry has really enjoyed the Autumn this year. He has been fascinated by all of the different colours that the season brings and enjoyed examining the leaves on our brief strolls through the park.

Late Tuesday afternoon, we decided to head outside for a breath of fresh air and it struck me how rapidly the seemingly brief Autumn turns into the long Winter and I finally managed to get a few snap shots of Harry enjoying it.

Can you caption this one?


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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!


I don't know what you think but I am pretty sure that this young lad doesn't have a license to be behind the wheel. Despite being his Mummy I can't quite tell what he intends to do with Uncle Al's car. Have you any ideas? If you have, please leave your caption below.

Harry driving

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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!


Harry has recently stepped up to the plate as the family entertainer.  Whilst he has always been rather amusing, it is a wholly different experience when he does it deliberately, to make us laugh, rather than us simply finding him amusing.

He has a variety of faces and poses in his repertoire now but this is my favourite one this week.

Can you caption it?


As Mammasaurus is off on holibobs again (I don't know how she does it either!) the fantabulous Cas at Mummy Never Sleeps is hosting today.  So, once you've captioned my nutter little man, why not try some more by clicking on the badge below?
Have fun!


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Like most of the Country, we have been enjoying the current blast of Summer, after all living in England, none of us know how long it will last!

I suspect this will not be the only summery picture but can you caption my favourite two boys?

Water fight in sun!


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Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!