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H is usually one of the most laid back, adaptable toddlers I have ever known.  Everyone comments on his nature and a line that is often said to us is "He is so laid back he is horizontal".  Whether it be keeping him up late, going away for one night or four, changed his routine through switching childcare providers or jobs, he has always adapted well and on returning home after going away, settled back into his original routine with amazing ease. ...continue reading


So, we're four weeks post The Big Move.


Seriously, I feel like we've been here for a lot longer.  I guess that is a good thing.

OK, so I haven't made any friends other than the next door neighbours but that's OK for now.  H and I have settled in our little world and seem to have settled into a sort of accidental routine, especially at weekends.

On a Monday we go to a toddler group with the neighbour who has a son a few months younger than H and a 4 year old daughter.  I don't particularly feel that welcome there but H enjoyed it so we keep trying.

On Fridays we have been going to a soft play then my sister has been popping in some time in the afternoon.

Saturdays are the traditional Wilkos run for nappies, toiletries and cleaning products.  We've done this every week since H was born, the only difference now is it includes two bus journeys during which H flirts outrageously with any female, young or old.  We've found a lovely greengrocer too so now pick up our fruit and veg there and if it isn't too busy (ie there is a table free) we've stopped for cake and coffee at a little coffee shop.

Sunday mornings are chilled and the afternoons have been dinner with family, whether just my sister or the whole Bristol clan.

So we've still a few days to fill although H does seem happy with the garden and local common but these toddler groups are all trial and error right?  And we're both happy and look forward to the Husband's days off which vary each week.

So I can't quite believe that I feel pretty settled, if a little lonely at times.  I know friendships will come with time, particularly if I do return to work sooner rather than later and I am happy to just plod along for now.


Sleep has become an issue.

Granted, I realise it is due to Christmas and The Big Move but still, my patience is wearing a tad thin now.  I am a sleep lover.  Mostly I could sleep at any time of the day.  I am known amongst my friends and family for taking an afternoon nap, usually at the same time as H and for the same length of time (and silently cursing when he does wake up).  The only anomaly to this is when H wakes at some unforsaken hour and then I don't get back to sleep, mainly because I am scared he will wake me up in about 10 minutes.  Or what feels like 10 minutes.

H is no longer a sleep lover.  He takes after mummy in that if you wake him up you do so at your own peril.  I have been known to hit the husband when he was woken me.  Not on purpose you understand.  H has done the same to me.  However, on the whole, he no longer seems interested.

We did have a good routine going.  Then along came Christmas and The Big Move.

We're lucky in that getting H to bed isn't a problem.  Or maybe it is.  He tells us when he wants to go to bed but that's always between 6-6.30pm so I fear that perhaps that is too early.  On the other hand, by the time the clock metaphorically chimes 6pm (we don't have a clock that chimes) I am so ready for some peace (and usually a glass of Sauvigon Blanc).

So off he takes himself to his cot, bottle (yes I know...) of milk in hand, he lies down, drinks his milk in his cot (yes I know...) then sticks in his dummy, cuddles Ernie the Elephant, Big Ted and Doggy then settles off to sleep.

Come 10.30/11pm he is awake again and shouting for milk.  Which he gets.  Because that is the time that I end up going to bed, am shattered and haven't had the energy to fight.  More often than not he will wake again between 1-2am for reasons unknown.  Sometimes giving him back his dummy works, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes I've been bringing him into bed.  And so we get a few more hours sleep.

5.30-6am arrives.  H is bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I used to take him into the lounge and start the day.  Recently I've brought him into our bed if he is still in his cot.  He will wrap his arms around my neck with a huge grin and snuggle down for another 1-2 hours.  So clearly he needs more sleep than he is getting.

Prior to Christmas and The Big Move he would usually sleep right through 7pm-6.30am.  He also used to nap well.  Bang on 1pm through to 3pm.

Now he doesn't.  Yes, half the time he will take himself upstairs for a nap.  Any time between 11am and 1pm.  On the whole now he will only nap for about an hour.  Rarely more, usually less.  The other half of the time he point blank is refusing his naps.  At 20 months old I don't think he is quite ready to drop naps completely.

He doesn't nap in his stroller and hasn't done since about 6 months old so if we're not home when he wants to nap (which as I've said is changing daily at the moment) he doesn't get one.  And to be fair, I wouldn't want to nap if I was an uber nosey toddler who was far more interested in say, other people or dogs or nee naws or indeed anything other than sleep.

As with the food thing, I am sure we will get there eventually but as a sleep lover (who gets in a foul mood unless I have 8 or more hours) I am rapidly losing patience. *sigh*