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My lovely friend Kara over at Chelsea Mamma has tagged me in this meme.  Because I love her and because I have been somewhat AWOL I have decided to go for it.

In the early times of our relationship, the husband and I listened to a lot of music.  Mainly on one of the music channels while chatting and getting to know each other so there are a number of songs which have some meaning or another to me.

After numerous of false starts (due to him standing me up, don't ask!) we finally went out on our first proper date where this song came on.  Knowing how much I used to love dancing, he dragged me up to the dance floor and started dancing with me, singing along (badly).

I must admit it made me feel really good at the time as my confidence was rock bottom but looking back I can see now he was probably just being really cheesy!

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Tara who blogs over at Tales of a Family of Seven has started this mem.

Simply show us what was Number 1 in the UK music charts when your children were born!

I have to admit I don't often listen to the radio these days and I don't recall actually hearing this song before but this is what was Number 1 when H was born!

So I now tag the following:





It's a nice easy Meme so I hope I won't get told off too much!