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At last.  We have done. Our new home!

It has been a long and at times, hard and emotional journey over the last year when eviction proceedings started.  The months since early December when we were made homeless, have been one of the most emotional, stressful experiences of my life during which I have learned an incredible amount about myself, attitudes of others and just what it takes to get through being homeless and still come out as a family unit still.

Had you told me a year ago what I would go through and that actually, I'd come through it just fine, if not stronger, I would have laughed at you.  Yet, here I am.  My family and I have got through it, not without incredible love and support from so many people, many of whom we haven't even met.  So thank you all.

So this morning arrived, with me being woken at 6 am by the alarm.  I spent a good 30 minutes enjoying a cup of coffee in peace, mulling over what we would be greeted with.  I am sure Clara won't be offended when I say that I kept reminding myself it couldn't be much worse than the house which she was given and yet, with hard work and help she now has a beautiful home.

At 8 am we left to trek the other side of town.  At least it felt like that as we had to take two buses.  We could have walked 20 minutes and got one bus but that would mean walking up a couple of steep hills and at that hour I wasn't up for it.  Heck I struggle most days anyway!

We got there 15 minutes before our scheduled time but luckily the woman, whose name escapes me now, was already there waiting for us.

My heart sank as we couldn't find the flat on the ground floor, which we were sure we had been told the flat was.  It then sank even further as we were led up the stairs to the flat door.

dark stairs

I'll admit, the photo was taken on my phone which doesn't have a flash but even so, it gives a fairly realistic idea of how dark the concrete stair way is.  There are lights apparently, seemingly set on a timer.  The person who showed us around didn't seem to know but assured us she shall investigate and call us tomorrow.

If possible, I was disheartened further by the woman's incompetence at opening the door! It turned out that there are a total of 8 keys for the flat.  I think colour coded key-rings will come in handy.

My mood lifted instantly once we stepped inside the flat.


I have no idea if a washing machine will fit in that gap but I assume so.  To the left is space for either a gas or electric cooker (bring back the gas cooking!) and over on the right (I didn't take a picture, sorry) there is space for a tall fridge freezer.  Unfortunately not enough for one of the American style ones of our dreams but hey, it's our HOME!

There is another door as well, which was rather mysterious.  It turned out this is kind of like a shed type area that can also be accessed from the hall.  So if you have particularly muddy pushchair or shoes etc, you can go into that area to remove before walking through the flat.  It's most likely to be used as a dumping ground!


The lounge is bigger than the entire room we are in now! Well perhaps not quite but it's certainly close.  Yes, that is Harry running around and laughing!  The whole time he was shouting "Wow Mummy wow!".

I won't bore you with photos of the bedrooms.  There is not a lot to see other than the same flooring and magnolia walls.  The master has a built-in cupboard, of which there are in fact several throughout the flat.  The second bedroom is a small double or, as it will be used a large single.  When we told Harry that would be his room, he kept shouting "Mummy, Daddy stay OUT. This is MY ROOM!" before promptly slamming the door.  Hellooooooo teenager!

Finally the bathroom.


After sharing a bathroom, at some points an utterly disgusting bathroom, to have our own bathroom once more.  Well.  It is a wonderful feeling.

So as you can see what we have is basically a shell.  But it is our shell.  A place that we can and will make our own home.

That feeling, as a famous card company might say, is priceless.

As we seem to making progress towards having our own home again, our thoughts (well, mine at least) have turned to furnishing our new home.

Naturally, we don't actually know how big the house or flat will be but we can assume it will have one reception room, kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms.  Of course the living space may well be open plan.  Either way there are basics we will require.

Of course, we did have furniture before being made homeless.  Furniture which filled a large 3 bedroom house.  There were two beds, several sofas, a cot, two tables and several other largish items, along with other worldly goods such as photos, clothes, Harry's garden toys.  You get the picture.

All of this had to go into storage.  Unfortunately for us, it turned out the lock up we let was a lot damper than we were led to believe.  We had explained we would be using it for storage and we were told this would be fine.  Except our mattresses and sofas were all ruined with mould after three months, when we had realised we couldn't keep paying the fees involved.  Naturally we then had to get rid of all of them.

Which brings us back to looking for furniture again.  Personally, I would love a Leather Chesterfield Sofa, though I don't know whether I would prefer the classic leather or antique leather! The classic look really suits my taste and knowing several people with one, I know just how comfortable they are.  On a practical basis it is so much easier to clean up any food or drink spillages.  Not necessarily just from Harry either!

leather sofa
Picture given with kind permission from 123sofa.com

Mind you, if we take in account friends and family popping for a cup of tea or something, one sofa isn't really going to be big enough.  I have a lot of family!  Add in the fact that in the evenings once Harry had gone to bed, the husband and I previously laid on a sofa each so a Corner Chesterfield Sofa would really suit us on a practical basis as well as my stylistic preferences and quite frankly, I have always had a little soft spot for corner sofas! I think I would opt for the velvet option, I can't imagine any other material more suited for snuggling down to watch TV in the evening.  Although I am not sure how practical velvet would be with a 3-year-old boy so perhaps cotton would be a better option after all!

velvet sofa
Picture given with kind permission from 123sofa.com

To be honest though, I haven't thought much about the husband's preferences so I am just hoping that he will go along with me, as usual!

We are hoping to be housed very soon and in the short-term will be purchasing second-hand furniture but eventually we will have our ideal furnishings.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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H is usually one of the most laid back, adaptable toddlers I have ever known.  Everyone comments on his nature and a line that is often said to us is "He is so laid back he is horizontal".  Whether it be keeping him up late, going away for one night or four, changed his routine through switching childcare providers or jobs, he has always adapted well and on returning home after going away, settled back into his original routine with amazing ease. ...continue reading


What a year it has been.

The start of the year saw me moving my husband and son some 100 miles from Bournemouth, where we had spent our lives together, to Bristol, where my family are.  I had been made redundant and was desperate to be closer to my family, so I managed to persuade my husband that in the interests of my mental health, it was the best thing to do for us.  I was also still struggling with the effects of SPD from my pregnancy and with my husband wanting to have another child at some point, I knew that simply wouldn't be possible without family support around me. ...continue reading

I ask myself that almost every day.

And what exactly IS normal anyway?

Does everyone just paint a face on and behave they way they are supposed to?

On paper, I've now got everything I have ever wanted.

We've moved 200 miles away because I was so sure that being in this city would make me happier.  Sure, it's meant we can rent a bigger place than we could have before and yes we are a lot closer to my family, which was my main drive for moving here.  But I've discovered I still need the medication despite that.

Maybe I should have continued taking it once we'd moved but I didn't.  I was sure the move would fix it all.

It hasn't.

So maybe it is me?  Maybe I will never be able to be free of pills.  Or maybe I just need to take them for a little while longer until I've made friends?

It scares me to think I might have to rely on them forever.  I don't want to but every time I stop I end up back on them.  When will it stop?  Will it stop?


So, we're four weeks post The Big Move.


Seriously, I feel like we've been here for a lot longer.  I guess that is a good thing.

OK, so I haven't made any friends other than the next door neighbours but that's OK for now.  H and I have settled in our little world and seem to have settled into a sort of accidental routine, especially at weekends.

On a Monday we go to a toddler group with the neighbour who has a son a few months younger than H and a 4 year old daughter.  I don't particularly feel that welcome there but H enjoyed it so we keep trying.

On Fridays we have been going to a soft play then my sister has been popping in some time in the afternoon.

Saturdays are the traditional Wilkos run for nappies, toiletries and cleaning products.  We've done this every week since H was born, the only difference now is it includes two bus journeys during which H flirts outrageously with any female, young or old.  We've found a lovely greengrocer too so now pick up our fruit and veg there and if it isn't too busy (ie there is a table free) we've stopped for cake and coffee at a little coffee shop.

Sunday mornings are chilled and the afternoons have been dinner with family, whether just my sister or the whole Bristol clan.

So we've still a few days to fill although H does seem happy with the garden and local common but these toddler groups are all trial and error right?  And we're both happy and look forward to the Husband's days off which vary each week.

So I can't quite believe that I feel pretty settled, if a little lonely at times.  I know friendships will come with time, particularly if I do return to work sooner rather than later and I am happy to just plod along for now.