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The very lovely and quite frankly hilarious Cas from Mummy Never Sleeps has tagged me a new Meme that is doing the rounds.  I haven't seen a meme for a while so I practically begged to be tagged in this one.

So the basic premise of Room 101 is it is a kind of hell in which to dump things you hate where they shall remain forevermore.  Based on the TV show, I pick three things to go into Room 101 and tag three people to do the same.  Hopefully you will all link up to Helen's linky through clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

Subtweets/Passive Aggressive Status Updates

They make me paranoid.  There, I said it.  Every single one of these, ever, make me feel like it is aimed at me.  Why on EARTH I think I am so important to have the whole world talk about me I have no idea.  Some one I have never spoken to before can tweet something and I can freak out that it is about me.  What have I said now?  What have I done now?  I run over every single thing I have recently said or done in my head, analysing how it could have been misinterpreted.

Of course I don't genuinely think that people don't have anything better to do with their time than talk about me but still, the paranoia is there.  Yes, I know how ridiculous I sound.

Bad Manners

This is a biggy.  I would just love to consign bad manners into Room 101 forever.  Blatant rudeness.  Queue jumping.  Spitting.  Elbows on the table.  A basic lack of a "Please" or "Thank you".  All of these irritate me.

I know at times, on social media especially, it can be easy to come across as rude without meaning to be, or when it isn't actually in your nature and as such if one thinks I have been rude or abrupt I apologise for that.  Yet overall in life I just don't think there is any need for it.

Peppa Pig

A bit of a light-hearted one to end on but when you get to the point where you know all of the words to all of the Peppa Pig episodes, you know she has been in your life for too damn long.  But will your three-old let go?  Of course not.  The mere mention of Peppa Pig is almost enough to bring me out in hives.

So, without further ado I tag Jodie from A Quirky Kook, Hannah from Cupcake Mumma and Me and the Tiny Three.

Please tell me below if you agree with my choices or suggest some more of your own!

Stickers, Stars and Smiles


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Karen over at Woman, Wife and Mum has kindly tagged me in this meme.  I do like a good rant and often have things that I complain about so what better place to share them?

Queue Jumping

Rumour has it that us Brits would win Gold, Silver AND Bronze medals if ever queuing was to become an Olympic sport.  So why is it some people find it so hard?!  It really isn’t that difficult to wait your turn, be it in the supermarket or at the bus stop, is it? ...continue reading


"Lies, dammed lies".

That's how the saying goes, right?

Most, if not all, of us are guilty of telling little white lies.

A few months after H was born, we went away for a few days.  Nothing big, we just managed to get a few days in an apartment owned by a family member.  We asked a neighbour to feed our cat and gave her a spare key.  I was uneasy about her having a key but we didn't really have any one else to ask.

Hindsight is a great thing, isn't it?  I remember her bumping into me in the hall once and saying "Oh I am so looking forward to my night out with [the husband].". I was stunned, told her that he was working late and she said "That's what he's told you".  Turned out that she had asked him on the proviso that I didn't go (not that we could both have gone!) and he said no.

We had a lovely few days away and when we visited the nearest town, we picked up some fudge for the neighbour and a lollipop for her son as we saw a very traditional sweet shop.

We don't drive so it was a long journey back and we didn't get home until about 8pm.  Although we knew her son would be in bed, we also knew, by default I guess, that she'd be home alone so it was left to me to settle H for bed (as I was still BFing) and the husband went and said thank you, bearing gifts.

He'd been gone for about 15 minutes before coming back down and told me that the neighbour had offered him a can of lager and could he stay and drink it with her.  He felt rude for saying no as she'd already opened it.  I agreed and said I'd seen him in about 20 minutes.  He was back within that time.

That evening and the following day passed without event.

We were sound asleep and I was woken by a banging.  Living on a main road, I initially ignored it but the banging got more persistent.  I couldn't arouse the husband so I grabbed my bathrobe and answered the door to be greeted by four police officers asking for my husband.  Having managed to wake him and tell him the police wanted to speak to him, he was quickly ushered into the communal hall only to, fairly swiftly come back in and tell me he was under arrest.  For sexual assualt.  Once the shock subsided, I knew who had made the allegation.  And I knew it wasn't true.

Having given my statement to the police I was lucky to feel supported.  The facts immediately didn't add up and I was told as much but of course they were duty bound to investigate things like our phone records since my husband had allegedly been calling and texting her, allegedly harassing her.

Charges were dropped, the day before his month long bail was up but should it take that long?  And we still had to live in the same building.  The awful atmosphere remained until we moved recently and she'd take every opportunity she could to make little comments.  Even on the day we left, with the husband having gone ahead in the van, H and I left to get the train, passing her on the way out she told me that I would discover what my husband is "really like" and would be crawling back in a matter of months.

The whole experience left me wounded but was lucky in that I had a lot of support from those that know the husband.  I am naturally quite a trusting person, rightly or wrongly and really the only misgivings I had had over asking her to feed the cut was the fact she clearly fancied the husband, having tried it on with him before so had pushed those to the back of mind, blaming my post-baby paranoia.

It's one thing to tell little white lies, quite another to try and ruin a marriage and reputation.

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Tara who blogs over at Tales of a Family of Seven has started this mem.

Simply show us what was Number 1 in the UK music charts when your children were born!

I have to admit I don't often listen to the radio these days and I don't recall actually hearing this song before but this is what was Number 1 when H was born!

So I now tag the following:





It's a nice easy Meme so I hope I won't get told off too much!