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I picked a song for this week's Mixtape Monday a couple of days ago. A song that I had heard every day in the few days earlier, if not more. The trouble is, once I decided that I had to share that particular song, I obviously couldn't remember and hadn't written it down anywhere. D'oh!

Luckily for YOU my dear reader I happened to come across one of those quizzes that pop up on an hourly daily basis on various social media channels. Namely "Which song was written for you?". According to this oh so scientific quiz, it was James Blunt's "You're Beautiful".

Personally, I am a bit "meh" when it comes to Mr Blunt. I can take him or leave him and generally I have no opinion either way. I mean, I can listen to his songs, I wouldn't skip them if they come up on Spotify but nor would I actually choose to listen.

So, if you happen to like him, or don't know what I am talking about, I shall leave you with this. Also, if you click here, you can take the quiz for yourself. Do let me know what answer you get.

Clara Unravelled