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With the cold weather starting to settle in, my body has started to feel more sore than ever despite the pain relief. With our curtains being fitted this week, the husband has been sanding, filling, sanding, filling and finally painting our bedroom at long last, thus Daddy Daycare has taken somewhat of a back seat and it has been left to me to try to entertain Harry when he is not at pre-school.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day but both my mood and pain got the better of me so we spent a lazy morning and early afternoon reading, playing with puzzles and various activities at home. Spending such a large amount of time with Harry after his two full days at pre-school always seem to be a lot of fun, perhaps I just appreciate it more than the day or two before his pre-school time. When Harry very sweetly, complete with doey eyes, asked if I could take him to the play park, how could I refuse?


This was the first time Harry noticed our shadows and he was trying to catch them. Perhaps the low, late afternoon sunshine played a part, maybe in the mind of a 3.5 year old it is somewhat of a novelty to see the long shadows at the park. Fascination with the shadows didn't last long. Soon Harry made the most of the reason for going to the playground, which is of course to play!


Tongue out!




We were only there for a short time, maybe 30 minutes as the sun was setting and just watching him have so much fun brought me a lot of fun too and really made the whole weekend for me in fact. Days like that remind me what it is like to see the excitement of the outdoors world through the eyes of a young, ever-growing child. So ordinary to an adult, so magical to a child.

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I'm sure it cannot have escaped your notice that this weekend saw Spring arrive.

OK so it is now an overcast Monday; Spring put in an appearance anyway.

On Saturday, Harry and I paid a visit to my Auntie's house in Portishead.  My Sister picked us up long with two cousins and we descended on my Auntie's house.  We were paying a visit as my Nana and Great-Auntie were visiting from Belfast and we wanted to catch up with them.

After a nice buffet lunch we spent a couple of hours in the garden enjoying the sunshine, watching all five boys (aged from almost-3 up to 10 years old) playing nicely together, whether on the trampoline or playing football.  Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, other than one I have already shared of Harry covered in ice-cream!  In case you missed it though, here it is again!

Ice Cream!

Sunday wasn't quite such a bright day but after a morning of clearing the washing pile the husband, Harry and I headed to the local park.  This isn't a park that I have been to before because I had always thought it was too far a walk but D insisted that I would be able to manage it so I was happy to go along as well.  Harry decided that as Mummy didn't know the way, he would show me.

the walk3

Harry's confidence on the play equipment has always amazed me, he has never had any sense of fear but then I suppose toddlers are often like that.  I think they mostly pick up on fears from others around them and we've always been happy to let him roam, whilst keeping a close eye on him.  However, during this visit he didn't want our help at all with anything and was absolutely determined to do things solo, I think he was even contemplating the fireman's pole himself but that was a step too far for us and the husband helped him slide down it.

Playground Fun!

After lots of fun on the equipment, we took Harry out of playground to run around the open green and he ran towards the paddling pool.  Since it clearly isn't quite Summer yet, the gates were locked but Harry wasn't convinced so stalked around the gates, stopping every now and again to try and force his way through the barriers.  At the discovery that he couldn't, in fact, squeeze through the railings and Daddy wouldn't lift him over we could see a tantrum simmering just beneath the surface and then suddenly we were saved by the bell.  Well the ice cream van.

Now, to the best of my knowledge, Harry has never actually had anything from an ice cream fan but he does like music, any music and he will dance, so I can only assume it is his love of tunes that made him run towards the van where upon he spotted ice cream and asked for one (including please!).  One ice cream purchased and we made our way to a bench to sit and eat it, shared between the three of us.  Except, stupidly, we chose a bench in view of the paddling pool.  Now there were three tween boys that had climbed over the wall to retrieve their footballs, which of course meant Harry believed he could go in after all.  Mummy and Daddy were clearly lying and the most epic tantrum we have ever had the misfortune of dealing with in public erupted.

Whilst I carried on eating the ice cream (hey, I can hardly pick him up at the best of times!), the husband tried to persuade Harry he could go back to the playground to no avail so promptly picked him up and our trip to the park was brought to an end.

Harsh maybe?  I don't know but there was no way we were attempting to reason with a toddler in full tantrum mode in public!

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After my disastrous one attempt to join in with Project 365, last week I set myself a new challenge which was to simply at least manage to have one half decent photo a week to share.

Today I have a collage to show you of our trip to one of our regular haunts, St Werburg's City Farm.

H decided he didn't want to spend much time looking at the animals but instead he ran through the farm and headed for the playground.  Frankly, in normal circumstances he is far too young and small to play in this particular one but as you can see from the pictures below, with close supervision, he is clearly having a lot of fun.
Project 52 Wk 2

Whilst he has, for the most part, dropped his nap, H does still enjoy to tease us by pretending he wants a nap, as you can see from the photo above which was taken on Friday.  However, as it turned out he did actually nap and then it was past 9pm before we managed to get him settled for bed, even though he only slept for an hour!  Over the next week or so he will be attending settling in sessions with the local Children's Centre pre-school 3 afternoons a week and we are incredibly excited by this.  We actually chose afternoons because he often sleeps in and is not happy to be woken up, much like both D and myself!


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We took a trip to our local city farm again this week.  It is fast becoming a firm favourite of H's on the days I can actually get out.  There is a little adventure playground there too which H is mostly too little for but he has a whale of a time exploring the tunnel with different coloured windows in.

Sat Cap new


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We found this little gem in between Christmas and New Year when we decided to make the most of the respite from the rain and have a wander around the local area where we now live.

We didn't actually visit the Farm itself that day but went to the attached pub which is small but very family friendly and offers a range of local ciders and beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and food.  Whilst there may not be a great deal of room inside, there is a large beer garden and on this particular day there was a marquee set up with benches, although I am not sure if this was in preparation for New Years Eve. ...continue reading


I have a confession to make.  Well two really.

The first one being that I have never been that great at taking photos.  I always imagined that once I had a child I would want to snap every single minute but the reality isn't the same.  All too often I get caught up in the moment and forget to pull out my phone or camera until long after the moment has gone.  That is where Project 365 comes in. ...continue reading


My physical abilities have taken a knock in recent months and I have started to wonder whether H is missing out since I have been unable to take him out much.

Now, I was never one to sign up to the London Marathon or even for the 5k run for Breast Cancer Awareness but I have always been able to keep up with H, or walk a reasonable distance.  Yes, I have been lazy at times but I *could* if I wanted or needed to.

Now, it is a different story.

My syringomyelia has severely impacted me physically.  Six months ago the walk to the bus stop to go into the City centre took all of 5 minutes.  Yesterday the exact same walk took me 13 minutes.  H got to the bus stop (with Daddy) before I did!

We wanted to take H to the park.  We do have one that is walking distance, although would take me about 30 minutes and end with me in agony, rather than the previous 10, but we wanted to take him to the bigger one, with more equipment which he adores.  As a bonus a lot of people take their dogs there for a walk and it has a lake with ducks.

So we made the trip, one which previously I have done with H on a weekly basis but we haven't been since the Summer due to me not being able to adequately supervise H.

Whilst it was lovely to see the smiles and laughter on H's face, I couldn't help but feel I had let him down by having to sit on the sidelines and watch whilst he played with D.  It was heartbreaking to hear him ask me to join in and I physically couldn't.  Don't get me wrong, H adores spending time with either or both of us but lately my "fun" activities with him have been limited to a story or singing nursery rhymes.  Heck, I can't even bath him since I cannot lift him any more.

I admit to having a quiet little cry whilst watch H and D play on the slides, the climbing frame and jumping in the piles of leaves.  However, I quickly and silently gave myself a talking to and just absorbed myself in watching my son burn off energy and generally having some much-needed quality time with his Daddy.

I may not be able to join in with the fun and games any more but I can certainly reap the rewards of a happy child.

I know now that he isn't really missing out any more.  With being brutally honest with those closest to me about my limitations, in the last week or so I have had unending support.  Perhaps it is me missing out rather than my son?