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While we all love adding bouquets of flowers such as those available from serenataflowers.com to our tables, this isn’t the only way to use them in your home.

Read on and discover six ways to add flowers which you never realised were possible.

1. Make potpourri

Dry and dead flowers haven’t lost their use. Mix with fresh herbs, dry leaves, pinecones and some essential oils and create your own beautiful and sweet-smelling potpourri.


2. Hang them in a wreath

Think flowers can only be displayed in a vase? Think again! Interweave different seasonal flowers around a circular backing and create your own stunning wreath to hang inside or outside.


3. Leave them in their vases

Something I often do myself is to leave bouquets in their vase once they’ve dried out. You may want to dry the flowers separately by hanging them but once rearranged they can create some interesting focal points – especially if combined with other decorative elements like peacock feathers, wicker baskets and candles.


4. Lay them down

Flowers don’t have to be upright to be beautiful. Lay single stems across tables for an interesting centrepiece. This works especially wells at parties and flowers that naturally grow across long stems, like orchids, look particularly great.


5. Float them in water

A glass bowl of water with floating petals can make an interesting centrepiece at a dinner party. You can even create smaller displays using a single flower and a smaller bowl or add candles for added romance.


6. Eat them!

Don’t confine flowers to simply decorating the dinner table – bring them into the main feast! Many flowers are edible but you can always use particularly distinctive buds and petals as decoration for cakes, deserts and other sweet treats. They can be either placed on the food itself or beside it on the plate depending on your preference.



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