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He has started school, embarking on his own journey through life. Of course his journey started over four years ago, when he first entered this world as a brand new, tiny human being. Back then he was so utterly dependent on me, to do everything for him, from feeding him, washing him, dressing him. I could lie him down somewhere and turn my back for a few seconds, knowing he would stay put, such was his inability to do anything for himself except breathe.

Now four years and four months have passed and he has started school. Proper primary school, with teachers and a uniform and term dates and inset days and homework and god forbid you take him out for a day during the week or else the government will fine you £120 for the pleasure. He cries about going each night and each morning and he drags his feet on the way.

There is writing practise to be done each morning in the classroom. In a class of however many children (25 maybe 30? I don't know) and then their parents and the teachers too. I find it claustrophobic and chaotic and distracting so I am not entirely sure just how much my four-year old gets out of. And if you don't fancy writing what about reading? He can recite the two books back to me but he isn't actually reading, he has memorised them, he doesn't look at the words or the pictures but the distractions in the room. Should I change the book now? Am I doing this right? Am I doing anything right any more and more to the point have I ever got it right until now? Should I tell the teachers that my son isn't getting anything from these 15 minutes each morning, other than delaying the inevitable that I have to leave him behind.

Then he sees his friend and decides that actually it is OK for me to go now, he will be OK now his friend his here. I sense he is still hesitant but take it as my cue to leave.

On picking him up, I question him like he is a terror suspect, asking him all the questions. "Who did you play with?", "What did you play?", "What did you eat at lunch time?" Some times he answers them, other times he doesn't. Every day he asks me why does he have to go to school again tomorrow "because Mummy it's a long time not seeing you and I miss you". It takes everything I have to not let the tears flow. "And I miss you too dude but if you want to be a fireman when you are bigger you have to go to school first".

The husband is working now too. Out of the house from 7 am until 3.30 pm. Leaving me alone to get Harry to school and pick him up, to manage the household, the chores, the shopping, the bills, the appointments, meals and everything else all by myself like a proper grown up for the first time in over two years. And in that two years so much has changed and I think I have forgotten how to run a house and now I have school-aged child and all the school stuff.

So many changes I feel left behind like the world is moving without me. Then a parcel arrives.

Open Uni pic

So I am changing too. Studying and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

All of this change is scary and exciting at the same time and I wonder, can I cope? I thought that now was the time to start studying after years of wanting to and never biting the bullet and now I wonder if I have made the right decision. So overwhelmed am I by my son going off to school and the husband working again and having all this stuff to do and trying to manage my emotions. I wanted to speak to my GP next week about weaning off my medication but all of this change has overwhelmed me and now I wonder if I should? Until two weeks ago I felt ready to have that conversation and I still want to but is that more because I just want to stop taking these tablets and to start feeling or is it because I actually am ready?

Next week sees another appointment with my Neurosurgeon, one that I will have to attend alone because the husband will be working and we can't afford for him to lose a day's wage to hold my hand. I have no idea what, if anything will happen. I am still in pain all day, every day. Some days worse than others but I get flustered and anxious and lose track of what I need to say, only remembering after the appointment and will anything I say make any difference?

Mind in overdrive. Change all around me. I can't keep up and feel lost but I don't want to feel lost. I want to feel normal. For once, I just want to feel normal.


*Warning* This may be an overly soppy edition of Mixtape Monday for some.

Five months, three months. Neither seem like a long time yet both can feel like an eternity.

Five months ago, I thought my world was going to fall apart. The husband and I semi-seperated in that he slept on the sofa and we kept ourselves to ourselves, leading independent lives, as much as is possible when still living together, only talking to discuss arrangements with Harry. If we had the money, or friends locally he would have moved out. Neither of us wore our wedding rings for the duration, we saved whatever small amount of money we could (to fund him moving out) and this all went on for almost four weeks before we were finally in a place where we could talk without feelings of anger and hurt surfacing in an overly volatile way.

Three months ago and we found ourselves in a situation which made us realise that if we didn't make certain changes, our little family would end as we know it. With a lot of love and support we made those changes and we have never been closer. We are enjoying life as a family more, growing in more love than I thought possible.

None of us can look into the future, we can only hope to learn from the past and take each day as it comes. We can hope that we continue to create a loving, safe and secure environment for Harry and ourselves but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

The thing is, the husband and I have been through so much. Homelessness, allegations of varying degrees, health problems, depression, all sorts and yet these two things earlier in the year are the only ones that made us wonder if we could make it, nothing has tested us or our love for each other in quite the same way. Yet somehow, we undoubtedly knew we did still love each other, very much. Perhaps the toll and stress of the last couple of years finally caught up with us?

During these times, I did what I often do and listened to music. Music that allowed me to cry, music that reminded me of happier times, music that allowed me to hope. One such song was this.

Clara Unravelled