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This isn't the post I had planned for today; I had planned a letter of sorts to Harry as it was his birthday today. Sadly I didn't get round to finishing it, partly due to my procrastination, partly due to not being able to find the words and partly due to being busy! It is now 11 pm  and this is the first chance I have had to blog today so, to meet my target for #BEDM, I am determined to get one out so you have a few snaps from today; a full post will of course follow once I have some energy back!

I spent the evening before wrapping his presents and setting the scene. My Auntie had bought some balloons and various party bits from a local shop for us before coming to drop his presents off. Usually we would see the family around Harry's birthday but with it falling on the bank holiday weekend, they were away.

The first gift Harry opened, was the Kidizoom camera from my Auntie and Uncle. I had actually left it on his bed the night before to open when he woke up, hoping to bide a little extra sleep in the morning. Sadly he still came bounding in at 5.15 am, the present still wrapped. He wanted to wait until the husband and I were awake, which I thought both very restraint for a four-year-old and sweet.

He was a bit confused with the balance bike (although so were we!) and rather unsure of what to do but, needless to say. he still insisted on bringing it to the park!

A very brief and much needed late morning rest at the park.

Finally for now, the cake picture, minus the cake which you shall see in my main post. I think it's safe to say he was rather pleased with it!


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I am joining in with Blog Every Day in May (#BEDM). At least I am going to attempt to and I realise I missed out the first day. Oops!

The theme for today is to basically pimp five of your own favourite posts. You might need to grab some tissues for some of these, so I've been told. Don't say I didn't warn you!

First up is my most recent post. Dear Mum is a letter I wrote just a few days ago on the tenth anniversary of her death. Having dealt well with her birthday and Mother's Day in March well, I did not think I would find the anniversary as hard as I did. My goodness, was it hard.

Second is Mother's Day Success, an account of the first Mother's Day since my Mum's death that I felt able to celebrate. It was a bit of a revelation to me in all honesty.

Next up I want to share my response to the Mail on Sunday's attack on food banks, having been a user of a similar scheme as recently as last year.

Last year I wrote about forgiveness, what it means to me and how difficult it can be. I find myself reading over this again at times, as a reminder to myself. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily mean forgetting, I just think it helps me to get on. Let me know what you think.

And lastly, regular readers will know that we spent much of last year homeless, living in a hostel. We were made homeless shortly before Christmas 2012 and I shared some of our story last Christmas to try to raise a little more awareness of the fact that the homeless charity Shelter estimated that 800,00 children would be spending Christmas 2013 homeless. You can read that post here.

So that's me. If you want to find more people who are attempting to blog every day in May simply hit the button below to find the list or search the hashtag #BEDM.

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