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There has been something of a change, several changes I guess, within myself in recent months. I have felt lighter, more free. I have accepted that there are things I have done in the past that I can make amendments for, other things I know I cannot. I have been in a place where I have felt more content than ever.

I haven't always been the person I strive to be. The kind, loving, emphatic person I want to be. I know there have been times when I have felt more "woe is me" than strictly necessarily, or indeed acceptable to others, when I have felt I have been treated unfairly. The trials and tribulations of my own life, the insecurity and stress does not (and should not) negate that of others.

I know people have taken things I have said or done the wrong way and they have been hurt as a consequence; that I regret but I have learned from it and I truly believe that. I imagine the same is true in reverse.

I have also learned that I cannot continue to mentally beat myself up when there has been wrong on my side; sometimes I have been hurt too but I can let that go and I have. It's a continual process and I am lucky enough to have a lot of people around me to help me with that.

Free. That's what I feel at the moment.

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9 thoughts on “Mixtape Monday – Free

  1. I guess many of us would like to change things about ourselves, but it takes the stronger of us to recognise which bits we can change and which bits are just part of who we are. Really happy that you're in a place where you're content...and found a great track!
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  3. This post really resonated with me because one of things that I obessess over a lot is how my words effect others. There have been times I've been misunderstood and times where I've been plain wrong, and really, that happens to us human beings in one sphere or another...I always remind myself we're human, we make mistakes, but easier said than done. On of my resolutions (if they ever wor), is to be easier on myself because my daughters will learn to be as self critical as their mum was..no favors there. Loved coming on here. x
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