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One lady I can always rely on to be around, whether on Twitter, Facebook or via text, at any time of the day or night is Clara from Claraunravelled. A while ago she ran a linky called Mixtape Monday where we could share songs; some times she picked a theme, other times it was left up to the blogger. It was a linky I joined in with pretty regularly (at least as regularly as Clara set the linky up ūüėČ ) and I missed it when she stopped doing it.

So, I was thrilled when, on catching up with my blog reading, I discovered that she has revived this linky!

This week there is no theme.

Yes, I am nothing if not predictable. (You knew it would be a Robbie track didn't you?!)

I have done a lot of soul-searching recently and some realisations have been extremely difficult for me to accept and yet, I am reminded of this song in many ways. I have never thought regrets helpful, they are, broadly speaking, a waste of time. Every thing I have done or been through has led me to this point in my life; a point where I am happy, content, have a loving  family and some wonderful friends. Would I have all of this if I hadn't travelled the road I have? Who knows?

Thank you Clara for reviving this!

Clara Unravelled


Having just got back from a trip to the beautiful Hope Cove, I just had to share the song that is a firm favourite of mine and my siblings when we are there.  None of us really know why it started but it's become a sort of tradition to sit in the family room of the Hope and Anchor at least once on a visit and put this tune on the juke box, along with a few others.  Unfortunately we didn't manage it this time as the only time we went to the pub was during the footy match last night!

If you want to see a few more bloggers share their sound track for the week, head over to I Want My Mummy.

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Tara who blogs over at Tales of a Family of Seven has started this mem.

Simply show us what was Number 1 in the UK music charts when your children were born!

I have to admit I don't often listen to the radio these days and I don't recall actually hearing this song before but this is what was Number 1 when H was born!

So I now tag the following:





It's a nice easy Meme so I hope I won't get told off too much!


Sorry, I am getting this in a few hours early, just because I don't know what time I will be free tomorrow to post it. Or if I will remember to.

This week's theme is Blockbusters.

Here is my choice:

I love the film and the soundtrack and whilst it may be a predictable choice given Whitney Houston's death this weekend, few can deny this epitomises the Hollywood blockbuster. Plus it was a favourite of my mum's.

If you want to hear some other choices, head to iwantamummy's page!