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I am a 30 year old mother of one 3 year old boy. I blog my way through parenting and the many challenges I face; mainly health issues.

One week before Christmas 2017, we moved into our current home. We were transferred, by the council, from a two bedroom, first floor flat to a ground floor flat with a wet room on account of my mobility issues. After several accidents from falling in or out of the bath, meaning I stopped bathing myself when home alone, our request for a more suitable home was accepted.

With just one week’s notice, we moved quickly.

A year on and we still haven’t done much in the way of decorating or putting our own stamp on our home. We took the carpets from our old flat and used them in our new one where we could. We were only able to carpet the lounge and Harry’s bedroom.. The rest of the flat remains, rather shamefully, carpet less a year on!

Thing is, to get a decent carpet can work out pretty expensive. It’s money we just don’t have.

Until I came across cheap carpets from Flooring Superstore.  They currently have a sale on meaning that prices start from just £4.89 per square meter! That’s far more affordable for us than we ever thought possible.

There’s so much to consider when choosing a carpet and price is just one thing!

The carpets we do have are a , quite frankly horrible, dark brown colour. They don’t suit our taste and style at all but we thought it was the most practical out of our options.

It turns out we were wrong.

Dark brown shows up all the dog hair whenever we look after my sister’s dog, which takes weeks to get rid of completely.

Stains from spilt drinks or food show up far more than I thought they would.

The obvious poor quality of the carpet and the lack of underlay started to show very quickly once the carpets were in.

As we moved into our old place from a homeless hostel, we were given limited choice by the council and no option for underlay. We quickly realised that, despite not being able to see it, underlay is very important. It’s not something we will skimp on again. Underlay saves wear and tear on the carpet, absorbing the impact of foot traffic so your carpet doesn’t have to.

Next time we finally manage to buy new carpets, we will skimp on the carpet if we have to in order to get underlay.

Every pond is effectively a little eco-system all of its own and it’s important to help keep this in balance to avoid problems with algae growth and other issues which could have a negative impact on life in your pond.

The most common problem which pond owners experience is too much algae growth, but keeping your pond in balance is the best way to keep this under control.

It’s important to manage your pond’s ecosystem in the way that nature intended, because algae problems are largely the result of an unbalanced system. There are a number of elements in your pond which all work together to create balance so it’s important to ensure these are all working together in harmony.

Here are the key elements of your pond which will help you keep the balance right:

  1. The pond’s filtration system

The filtration system works to remove debris such as leaves, algae, dead creatures and anything else which could clog up your pond and turn the water stagnant, which is vital if you are to retain balance and life.

The system also helps to keep the water fully oxygenated, for plants and pond life to thrive and survive happily in your pond.

Make sure you check your filtration system regularly and empty any traps which catch the debris, regularly. Clean the filters as required and make sure it’s all working properly on a daily basis to keep your pond in balance. If you need a new pond filter, check out these guys

  1. The plants which grow in your pond

Plants can help to reduce algae growth by denying the algae light and nutrients as the plants take it up for themselves. This is a really natural way to help reduce the level of algae in your pond, while at the same time making your pond look attractive.

There are many aquatic plants to choose from including water lilies and horsetail, so choose those which are good at fighting off algae and your pond will thank you for it.

  1. Don’t overfeed your fish

Many fish will feed on algae helping to keep the ecosystem in balance so make sure you don’t overfeed your fish, to encourage them to eat the algae as well. Overfeeding can also pollute the water and cause problems, disrupting the balance so it’s important to get the amount just right.

  1. The good bacteria

Bacteria will grow on the rocks and gravel you use within the pond, and they also thrive on any excess nutrients within the water, helping to keep algae at bay. Make sure you include gravel and rocks within the pond to enable this to happen.

These good bacteria will also feast on, and break down any debris which falls to the bottom of the pond and escapes from the filtration system, helping to keep the water clean, clear and free of rotting matter.

  1. Time

It takes time for you pond’s ecosystem to settle in and work for itself, for example, it will take around 2 – 6 weeks for the bacteria to establish on the rocks at the bottom of the pond. Over time, the pond will mature and the plants, fish and bacteria will all work together to reduce the level of algae.

  1. Pond maintenance

Of course you can help your pond ecosystem manually by carrying out routine pond maintenance to keep the water clean and clear. Checking the filtration system and not over feeding your fish are two of the elements already discussed, but it might be that while the pond is establishing its own balance, you will need to remove excess algae by hand.

You can do this with a net and this will ensure the pond doesn’t become overgrown or suffer from a lack of light due to algae covering the surface of the water, blocking the light to the plants underneath.

There are a number of ways you can help to bring your pond ecosystem into balance, but the best way is to get the natural balance of fish, plants and bacteria right, so your pond effectively looks after itself, with little interference.

It might be that you need to change and update the filters, or occasionally remove excess algae by hand, but if you can be patient and set up your pond in the best way to create a natural balance, your need to maintain it should be markedly reduced within a month or so.

Having a balanced ecosystem will help your plants, fish and other aquatic life to thrive in your pond, creating a wonderful, natural habitat for all kinds of wildlife. Ponds are renowned for providing tranquil environments which are calming and good for our well-being – if the ecosystem is balanced it will be the perfect environment for everything which lives inside it as well.


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Most people will need to apply for a bank loan at some point in their lives. Whether it's simply funding a necessary purchase, or helping to pay for an unplanned expense. Sometimes, you need to apply for a loan to provide some extra help when you're struggling to make ends meet.

The good news is that a personal loan can be an easy way for people to borrow when they're in need of financial help. You can access a personal loan for any reason you like, regardless of whether you want to improve the look and feel of your home, or you simply want to go on vacation.

To make sure that you're getting the most out of your personal loan, make sure that you follow these tips for reducing costs, and improving your lending experience.

1.    Check Your Credit Rating in Advance

Your credit rating and credit history will play an important part in your loan application process. The rate of APR applied to your borrowing, and whether a bank will be willing to offer you a loan in the first place will often rely on your previous credit behaviour.

If lenders consider you to be a high-risk borrower, with a history of defaulting on payments, for instance, then there's a good chance that the deals you're offered will have a much higher APR, because they'll be designed specifically to give the bank more protection from poor lenders. This is why it's important to double-check your credit rating before you apply for a loan if you want to be eligible for cheaper deals.

You can check your credit rating through credit reference agencies in the UK like Experian, Callcredit, an Equifax.

2.    Don't Just Check the Headline Rate

When you're hoping to take out a personal loan, you should compare the options available, and when you do that, you'll see something called a "representative APR". This means that the amount shown is the interest rate offered to 51% of borrowers.

A lot of providers will only apply headline rates to loans that meet certain circumstances. For instance, you might get a lower interest rate if you borrow a larger amount. Make sure that you examine these situations in advance.

Check how much your loan will cost according to your circumstances. Usually, you can do this by reading the small print, and using a loan calculator.


3.    Shop Around for Better Deals

When you apply for any financial product, you should begin by comparing what's on the market. Look beyond the top ten options available, and compare rates and likely costs for the amount that you want to borrow from a range of providers.

Look at the representative APR quoted that considers the full cost of the loan, including any charges and fees. Additionally, make sure that you check for any potential deals or offers that might be available.

4.    Don't Put Loyalty First

When you're getting a personal loan, it might seem like a good idea to go directly to the bank that you already save with. However, the truth is that just because you're loyal to your bank doesn’t necessarily mean that you'll get the best deal.

Most of the time, loyalty in the world of finance doesn't pay, and you might be offered a far better deal on your loan by simply moving to another bank who is prepared to offer benefits to you as a new customer. This is just one of the reasons why it's so important to shop around and compare your options.

5.    Fix Your Interest Rate

Finally, it's usually a good idea to choose a loan that can offer a fixed rate of interest on your borrowing amount. This simply means that the rate that you'll pay interest on your loan will remain the same regardless of what might change throughout the life of your loan.

By taking out a loan at a fixed rate, rather than opting for a variable rate product, you can give yourself some peace of mind. A variable rate can change at any point during your loan term, but a fixed rate ensures that you know what you're going to be charged each month and overall, so you can budget accordingly.

Most unsecured loan providers today are happy to offer fixed rates, but it's important to double-check the fine print before you apply, so you know exactly what your interest rate is going to be, and how long it's going to be fixed for.

So you're planning a special evening for just the two of you and want to look like an elegant and sophisticated couple. You decide your man simply has to make that extra effort and look stylish for this special event, so what will it take to achieve the desired result.

Suit up

Women are attracted to a man in a well fitted suit, who is tastefully accessorised and neatly groomed. Thy view the dapper man as self-assured, successful, stable and hence desirable. It also tells your girl you're willing to make an effort for her. But it’s not just the clothes, what's equally important is how you carry yourself in them.

A well-fitting suit is an essential start to creating the complete look. You can either go the custom tailored route or buy one-off the peg. Bespoke tailoring ensures a perfect fit, but can be time-consuming. The process starts by selecting a fabric and colour, followed by a style. If all this sounds too involved opt for a ready to wear option.

Most brands are available as singles, which means you can select a jacket and trouser in the same fabric, in sizes that are a good fit.

It's important to keep your body type in mind when choosing a suit. If you have a tall and thin frame, opt for heavier fabrics in lighter colours; you need the suit to bulk you out a little. Choose a jacket with a higher button stance and a single back slit.

If, however, you have a fuller frame, choose lightweight fabrics in dark colours with a two button single vent jacket. The idea here is to use the lightweight fabric in dark or solid colours to make you look slimmer. The twenty-first-century man is contemporary and self-assured and like modern design, his suit is simple, streamlined and perfectly crafted. Put simply, the aim is to make an impression, without appearing to try too hard.

Shirts, ties and accessories

Once you have selected your suit, you need to team it with the appropriate shirt and tie. The ensemble has to work when put together. It's important for the shirt not to clash with suit and for the tie match the shirt. Ideally the tie should be a shade or two darker than the shirt. Use a slightly broader tie on a shirt with spread collars and a narrower tie if you are of slight build. You can accessorise with pocket squares, lapel and tie pins, but don't overdo it.


Last, but not least, be sure not to overlook grooming. Being well-groomed will guarantee you feel and look the part in your new threads. It is best to let professionals handle this aspect of your ‘new look’, which could include a haircut, manicure and if necessary, facial hair trimming. A couple of hours spent at a salon like Toni & Guy Liverpool, will help complete the dapper and well-groomed look.

Styling your man for that special evening is a fun project and one that he will thoroughly enjoy. Hope you have a great evening out.

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What do you do on-line?

Most of my time is spent catching up on blogs, tweeting, writing my own blogs and on Facebook, where I help to run a group for bloggers.  Some of the people I chat to are old friends from school, some are fellow bloggers and some people follow my blog. I chat to people I have never met in my life and am unlikely to ever meet and some people I have only met a few times. Some on-line friends I have known for as long as I have been with my husband, others, just less than a year but I still count them as friends. The majority of my friendships are now on-line.  While I talk to mums at the school during pick up times, I'm not sure if they are friends, although recently following major surgery, I have had lots of offers of help with the pick up (my husband does the drop off).

Many people think that on-line friendships aren't genuine and I have to disagree.  The support, encouragement, advice and general listening ears I have received, particularly in recent months, is amazing.  In fact, there are one or two people I only know online, who I have never met that I would class as a close friend.

However, there are times when I am awake in the early hours and just can't get to sleep, so what do I do then? I come online still but I play games. Sometimes if I am feeling lucky, I play casino type games. You can play 300+ casino games at which I think is great; a huge variety of games all on one site and there are a number of different offers available too.

I spend a huge amount of my time online, probably too much when I think about it although I am making an effort to cut it down.

How do you spend your time online? Do you think you spend too much time online?

Looking for ideas for a magical family day out in London? Read on for plenty of hints tips and inspiration for a memorable, magical trip to remember.

All props to you

Where other than Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour for a magic fix? For confirmed Potterheads seeking guaranteed mystery and wonder, there's only one place in London to go. Hop on to the train at London Euston and take the short twenty minute dash to Leavesden where all eight of the Harry Potter films were shot. Revel in all things Hogwarts on the Harry Potter tour. See Dumbledore's circular office, marvel at the scale of The Great Hall, fly on a broomstick and see for real iconic props such as the sorting hat, Gryffindor's Sword and The Mirror of Erised. Take a stroll down Diagon Alley and see up close the costumes of your favourite characters. Slurp down a refreshing Butterbeer in the canteen and grab yourself a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans to keep your energy levels up. The wizarding world is captured in all its glory on the Harry Potter Studio Tour and avid fans won't want to leave its enchanting orbit.

It's no wonder this attraction has become one of the leading draws for visitors from all over the world since its doors opened three years ago. Prices start at £33 for adults and £25.50 for children (5 -15). Under fours enter for free. For a small extra charge (£35.45) get the bonus bundle of digital guide, paperback souvenir and tour ticket. Family tickets are £101 and cover two adults and two children, or one adult and three children.

Fun central

It may take time to come down to earth after the dizzy heights of Quidditch and Hippogriffs, but after your experience with Harry and co. why not head into central London for more thrills and exploration?

When seeking things to do in London, keep an eye out for the blue and white tourist information office signs. These offices are staffed by friendly and knowledgeable people, ready to offer advice on things to do and places to see.

Family trips should involve a blend of attractions for everyone. The Harry Potter Tour appeals to all ages, adults and children alike. Another place which fascinates all, young and old, is The Tower of London. The Beefeater Tour is enjoyed by many – hear about the queens who were beheaded at The Tower, marvel at the intricate uniforms of the Yeoman Warders who protect the Crown Jewels and see the glossy black ravens who live there too.

harry potter
Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at

Next, why not hop on an open topped bus for a sightseeing tour of London? Whether it's Buckingham Palace, The Gherkin or London Eye that takes your interest, most bus tours allow you to hop on and off as and when you please.

Many London museums and art galleries welcome visitors free of charge, so you can pop in to as many as you like. For ancient history, science, applied arts, portraits, grand masters and modern art, London has it covered.

A family trip needs to appeal to everyone, so why not guarantee a successful adventure by heading first to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour, then follow this up with an itinerary packed with London's other magical attractions.

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While we all love adding bouquets of flowers such as those available from to our tables, this isn’t the only way to use them in your home.

Read on and discover six ways to add flowers which you never realised were possible.

1. Make potpourri

Dry and dead flowers haven’t lost their use. Mix with fresh herbs, dry leaves, pinecones and some essential oils and create your own beautiful and sweet-smelling potpourri.


2. Hang them in a wreath

Think flowers can only be displayed in a vase? Think again! Interweave different seasonal flowers around a circular backing and create your own stunning wreath to hang inside or outside.


3. Leave them in their vases

Something I often do myself is to leave bouquets in their vase once they’ve dried out. You may want to dry the flowers separately by hanging them but once rearranged they can create some interesting focal points – especially if combined with other decorative elements like peacock feathers, wicker baskets and candles.


4. Lay them down

Flowers don’t have to be upright to be beautiful. Lay single stems across tables for an interesting centrepiece. This works especially wells at parties and flowers that naturally grow across long stems, like orchids, look particularly great.


5. Float them in water

A glass bowl of water with floating petals can make an interesting centrepiece at a dinner party. You can even create smaller displays using a single flower and a smaller bowl or add candles for added romance.


6. Eat them!

Don’t confine flowers to simply decorating the dinner table – bring them into the main feast! Many flowers are edible but you can always use particularly distinctive buds and petals as decoration for cakes, deserts and other sweet treats. They can be either placed on the food itself or beside it on the plate depending on your preference.





Dried flowers:


Floating flower

Edible flowers:

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Reading is one of life's simple pleasures. As a child and teenager I could often be found curled up on the corner of the sofa or laying on my bed reading a book. This continued sporadically through my early twenties, when I wasn't working or partying and tapered off once I had Harry. Thanks to modern technology, my reading has now picked up and I read more than ever as I have quick access to hundreds of thousands of books as soon as I have finished one.

There are many reasons why it is important for me to pass on the art of reading to Harry and not just because I quite simply love it myself! Numerous studies have shown that reading with children helps them in all areas of education and improves their communication skills, plus much more. It's also one of the few activities that I know I can always do with Harry, I can't always guarantee that I will be well enough to take him to the local park but I can always read with him, even if it is from my bed on a bad day.

When reading with Harry I make sure we do it somewhere without distractions, so I either turn the TV off (despite his protestations) or go into his bedroom. Harry likes to point out what is happening in the story as I read to him and I try to make sure I don't get in the way of him exploring the pages but I am guilty of occasionally tutting or sighing, just wanting to get the story over with. As I have read with Harry more and seen him getting more pleasure from reading, I have started to enjoy some of his favourite kid's books almost as much as he does and Tesco is a great place to look for bargains.. Being 4.5 years old he does of course have phases whereby he will like a certain story for a couple of weeks and insist that one has to be read every day but we also choose another story together, perhaps a new book or one we borrowed from the library which helps to bring a little variety.

Our reading time together is something that we both enjoy and I consider it our quality time together. As it is one of the rare times Harry sits still for any length of time, I find it a good opportunity to ask him about his day. If I ask him on the way home from school or when we get home, generally I am met with a grunt (could the teen years have arrived early?!) because he is too absorbed in what he is doing.

Do you read with your child? What are your favourite kids's books?

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From bumps and cuts, to burns and falls, there’s no denying that children are accident-prone. While knocks and scrapes are common occurrences around the home and inevitable parts of a child’s development, it’s important to identify the risks to prevent serious injuries from occurring. By understanding potential household dangers and taking a few basic safety measures, you can create a secure and comforting environment for your little ones.

First Aid

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is a must-have in any home and should include all the vital components to help you treat common injuries. At the very least, your kit should include burn dressings, gauze roll, sterile dressing, eye pads and an assortment of plasters. You may also want to incorporate a number of helpful tools, such as tweezers to remove splinters, scissors to cut bandages and safety pins to secure dressing in place. If you feel that you lack the knowledge on how to use your medical supplies, or simply want to learn more about how you and your children can stay safe at home, first aid training providers such as Phoenix Health and Safety offer a number of comprehensive first aid courses. Once you have acquired the know-how to use the contents of your first aid kit, you can feel confident in the knowledge that you can act safely and promptly if faced with an emergency situation.

Child-proofing your home

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, over one million children end up in hospital after injuring themselves at home.The good news is, the majority of these accidents are preventable. To create a safe environment for your kids, it’s important to assess your home for lurking hazards. Try to put yourself in the mindset of a child and consider the most common causes of accidents; open flames, hot water, household chemicals and sharp objects are among the most common contributors. Once you have identified the risks, you can start to think of ways to minimise the dangers. For example:

● Put safety guards around staircases and fireplaces and fit shatter-resistant film over glass doors, low window panes and greenhouses.
● Make sure potentially dangerous items, such as cleaning products, medicines and matches, are kept out of reach from little hands, preferably in a locked cupboard.
● Board up any areas that a toddler could crawl through or get stuck in and make sure that any pieces of furniture that could be pulled over are secured.
● Place child-locks on drawers that contain sharp objects and use child-resistant lids on hazardous household products.
● To prevent falls, keep chairs and other objects that children can climb on away from windows, balconies and kitchen surfaces.
● Heated appliances should also be switched off immediately after they have been used, including ovens, hobs, hair straighteners and irons.
● You should also make sure that you dispose of dangerous chemicals, glass and household waste carefully.

Good practice

No matter how well equipped you may be, you still need to keep a watchful eye out for possible dangers. Young children are naturally curious, and because their ability to perceive their surroundings is still undeveloped, they are more likely to incur injuries when left unsupervised. Of course, the older a child gets, the less supervision they will need, but it’s still not a good idea to leave them to their own devices for long periods of time.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the safety measures you take should be appropriate to your child’s stage of development. For example, toddlers will often put objects in their mouths, so make sure not to leave any small items lying around that they may be able to swallow or choke on. Older children, on the other hand, will be able to climb and reach objects that are higher up. As such, it’s a good idea to turn saucepan handles inwards, use the back hobs while cooking where possible and keep any dangerous items safely out of reach.

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We know that you may be looking for the right promotion offer on a bingo site to start playing. Keeping that in mind we have gathered a few extremely attractive promotions after some hours of research on a few selected bingo sites that will most definitely tickle your fancy. There is no need for you to go through the hundreds of online bingo sites and their various promotions that might take you ages, we have taken the initiative to give you the best possible offers that you can have online so that you may start enjoying these offers as from now itself. Online bingo is now at the reach of everyone with the introduction of mobile gaming such as with smartphones and tablet thus you may enjoy the very best of bingo promotion while on the move.

While browsing through a list of online bingo sites we came across Kitty Bingo which caught our eyes. As you may have guessed this site is themed on cats and we could see them on every page of the site which will be to the delight of cat lovers. Kitty bingo seems to be very user friendly and we loved the animations in the various lively bingo rooms where conversation were flowing among the hosts and players. On their promotion page we came across the progressive jackpots available on the site. Never have we seen so many progressive jackpots on just one site. The Progressive Jackpots were namely the 90 Ball PJP, 75 Ball PJP, High Cut PJP, Low Cut PJP, Lucky Numbers PJP, Magic Number PJP, Goodie Bag PJP and Party Games. Kitty bingo offers the opportunity for its players to win big with no extra cost with these 7 Progressive jackpot and Party Games. There was at least 1 progressive jackpot at stake in every game that we played and within 1 hour we saw 2 players winning some of these jackpots that was included in the awesome pots. This is definitely a site we would recommend you to check.

Another online bingo site that attracted our attention was Lucky Pants Bingo due to its uncommon name, however we were curious to know what this site had in store as promotions. We were quite delighted to find that Lucky Pants Bingo has a huge array of promotions. One of the biggest prizes that we have seen at Lucky Pants Bingo was the £10,000 Slider which is a 5 Line Bingo pre-buy game that runs every last Friday of the month. With the cost per card at 20p only and a maximum of 72 tickets, this seems to be the perfect promotion. If you call bingo in under 45 calls you may win £10,000 for this sliding jackpot game and you are sure to walk away with at least £400. Winners of 1 line till 4 line gets £150 each, while all 1TG holders get to share £150 too.

We headed to Gala Bingo where we found an interesting promotion called Play It Your Way which is a multi-stake 90 Ball Bingo game which is played every Friday and Saturday. In this game we had the option to choose our ticket price so as to increase or decrease our prizes. On this game you are given the opportunity to choose from 4 tickets with price ranges from 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 according to the amount you want to win which is detailed in a price chart. The minimum you can be awarded for a Full House is £11.50 while the maximum is £115. Once you purchase a ticket in this game you are tied in at that price for any other tickets you may buy for that particular game.

With the various advantageous offers that the above sites are offering, you can be sure of walking away with your arms well full!

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