Decorating Your Dream Outdoor Area

It is that time of year again, when we start planning our barbecues and summer garden parties, which means creating the ideal outdoor entertaining space. It may be that you haven’t touched your garden for a while or that you have just moved into a new home and you are looking to create the ultimate relaxing area for you and your family. This will take planning, which is where it can get confusing, so to help you out this year, here are some of the best tips for decorating your outdoor space in 2013.

Start with the appliances and seating

By starting with the larger items first, you can then develop the rest of the space around these items. Gas bbqs and outdoor seating will most likely be the largest and most expensive items you will be purchasing for your space, so by getting these first you will know exactly what you have to work with. Plus if it’s a warm day and friends come over, they will need somewhere to sit.

American style gas barbecues have been in focus for the past few summers, mainly due to their ease of use and stylish look. Gone are the days of trying to light a charcoal barbecue in the British summer weather, now we have the ability to eat amazing food at the switch of a button. This example of a traditional gas bbq from Littlewoods, is the perfect size for entertaining family and friends, has a clean and stylish exterior and side tables, so you will have plenty of extra room whilst cooking. There are many colours available also, so if you are planning to create a garden with a certain theme, such as red roses, then you will be able to find a barbecue to match your theme.

Seating is equally as important and much like the barbecues, there are hundreds of styling options available for outdoor seating. What you choose will really depend upon your personality and style, but you could choose a round sofa, wooden benches or even swinging seating.

Lighting and atmosphere

If you are planning to host day to night events in your garden then lighting is definitely key to both setting some atmosphere and offering your guests some beauty. Fairy lights are a great way to highlight certain aspects of your garden, draped through your trees or along the front of your home. There are a huge variety out there to pick from, from multi coloured LED’s through to stark white, once you know the theme for your party then you can easily find some to match.

Another much loved option is the humble solar powered lighting. The great thing about purchasing separate solar powered garden lights, is that you can place them at different heights, scattering them around your outdoor space. They tend to give off a dull light, so it is recommended that you get your hands on a few to create enough light for comfort.

Finally there is the do it yourself lighting, candle in jars. I know this sounds simple, but they can look effortlessly rustic in the summer sun, especially if you are having a vintage themed party. Obviously, be careful if you do buy garden candles and make sure they are placed away from anything flammable etc.

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